The Master’s Hammer & Chisel Review (Week 3)


I know I’m late, but my week 3 review is here! This week I started to see some MAJOR changes in my body- just goes to show that you have to be consistent to get results!! I also made a few changes to my approach to the program this week. Check out my thoughts after the jump! Continue reading

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The Master’s Hammer & Chisel Review (Week 2)


Welcome to my Week 2 review! After this second week, I have officially done all of the H&C workouts (yes, there are that many different workouts in the set)! Check out my thoughts after the jump! Continue reading

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The Master’s Hammer & Chisel Review (Week 1)


It’s been a long long time, but I’m back! I know you’re probably wondering where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to- I’m saving that for another post 😉 For now, I’m hitting you with a BRAND new review of The Master’s Hammer & Chisel 60-day workout program. Okay, here we go!  Continue reading

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Super Mom: Beating Cancer, Losing 40lbs & Finding Fitness (CFC Spotlight Thursdays Interview)

Jeanette & Ava

When I started working out with Jeanette, I knew at some point that I had to invite her to do a Spotlight Thursday interview on She is an amazing mom and a truly inspiring person- check out her story after the jump! Continue reading

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Training for the NYC Marathon: My Month 2 Experience (August)

Don’t let that smile fool you- my knees were feeling about 100yrs old at this point.

I completed my second month of marathon training last month, so I thought I would check in with you guys! Here are the highlights and lowlights of my second month edging towards the NYC Marathon: Continue reading

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Warby Parker: Globalizing Eye Health w/ Style (NEW! Fall Collection 2014)

WP Fall 2014 Line Photo

I’ve been in search of a new pair of glasses as a quick update to my look & that got me thinking about doing a blog post on eye health. What do eyeglasses have to do with health & fitness, you might ask? Well, at a visit to my ophthalmologist I had a “Eureka!” moment! Check out my personal eye health scare & why I support Warby Parker’s mission, after the jump!

Continue reading

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Living with PCOS: The Link Between Hormones & Weight Gain (CFC Spotlight Thursdays)


Way back in January, me and my friend were chatting over coffee about our workout regimens. When she told me that she planned to walk 20miles that day, I nearly dropped my cup! I asked her what she was training for and she told me that she generally walks/hikes several miles each week as part of her management of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (“PCOS”). Given how important PCOS is to every woman’s understanding of why she might be struggling with her health & weight gain, I asked my friend to share her story here on She agreed, but did not want her name or photo used. So, for privacy reasons, this is one interview that does not include any photos for illustration. Please read on for this very personal story on PCOS and whether you might need to speak to your doctor.  Continue reading

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Join the ShaunT Ultimate Challenge!! (Starts August 18th)

ShaunT is Watching You

I see you too…did you gain weight this summer? Is your body ready for “back to school”?Then get fit in ONE MONTH with me & Shaun-T!

Continue reading

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Training for the NYC Marathon: My Month 1 Experience (July)

5Mile Happy

Pain is temporary. Pride is forever.

It’s been AWHILE guys!! Sorry to not post for so long, but I’ve been super busy with work, working out with some of you personally and…training for the NYC Marathon! Yes, that’s right, I’ll be running my first marathon on November 2nd. If you follow CFC on Facebook and Instagram then you know that I started training for real in July. So I thought I’d give you guys a brief update of how things are going: Continue reading

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3 Day Refresh Results & Review


The 3 Day Refresh is a three day Beachbody program of specially formulated shakes, healthy snacks, and delicious, easy-to-prepare meals designed to help you lose weight and break the cycle of bad eating. Unlike other cleanses, the shakes and meals that you prepare are high in protein & veggies to jumpstart weight loss. Here are my results with the program: Continue reading

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Join the CFC InsaniT25 Group!! (CLOSED: May 19th-June 13th)

InsaniT25 Calendar

Want to push yourself to the max for just FOUR WEEKS? Continue reading

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InsaniT25 Weekly Review – Introducing Guest Blog Post from EJ! (Member of Team CFC)

My friend EJ has agreed to share her experience in the CFC InsaniT25 Group on!! Get to know EJ in the post below and stay tuned for future posts from her over the one-month hybrid! (If you’re interested in joining EJ, me and many other brave souls in the CFC InsaniT25 group, check out details here!)

EJ CFC Pre Challenge

EJ – Pre-InsaniT25 Starting Photo!!!

Continue reading

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Fit ER Doctor Saves Life During Triathlon: An Everyday Hero (CFC Spotlight Thursday)

When I heard that my friend Melani, who is an ER doctor and triathlete, had saved someone’s life during a triathlon, I KNEW I had to ask her for an interview on As a doctor, Melani offers a unique look at the importance of health and  I’ve always been especially impressed by her commitment to fitness (given her busy schedule) & her humility! Please read on to hear Melani’s fitness story, how she saved a life & learn what you should/shouldn’t do if you see someone collapse in need of medical attention. Learn from the best! 😉 -CFC

Look at those quads!! GO MELANI!

Look at those quads!! GO MELANI!

Continue reading

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T25 Weight Loss Results – CFC Challenge Group Alum Interview

sr side

Shanna R’s amazing T25 results!!

Read on to hear about Shanna R.’s amazing weight loss success with T25!! And message me about joining my May T25 group!!! Continue reading

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Should You Exercise Barefoot? (3 Things To Be Aware Of)


I had a great conversation with one of my coaches about working out barefoot last week. I’ve actually been working out at home in socks lately and was thinking that I’d do a post on the subject, since there’s a lot out there on the pros & cons of working out without shoes. If you’re thinking about working out barefoot, here are three things to consider:  Continue reading

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7 Cute Workout Clothes on a Budget (Style by Guest Blogger JoseyXO)

Workout - Burnout Tank - Act Like A LadyTrain Like A Boss

My girl Josephine of has a great fashion sense. So when she said that she’d be willing to do a post on cute workout clothes on a budget, you know I was game! Check out Josey’s picks below! 😉 -CFC

Continue reading

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5 Things I Learned from My 20s (CFC Opinion)

Looking At The One

One guess as to who I’m staring at…

I turned 30 just under two weeks ago, but for some reason my mind keeps coming back to my 20s with feelings of nostalgia! So, since it’s been on my mind (and I haven’t posted in ages), I thought I’d do a quick post on just 5 things my 20s taught me- some fitness-related, some just life-related. Hope you’ll read on and share your “20s revelations”! Continue reading

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Can Your Sports Bra Be Fashionable & Functional?

Michi Sports Bra

Doing tuck jumps in this would definitely cause a scene…

I just stumbled across a very interesting post on Well+Good this morning about “fashion-forward” sports bras. Especially as a woman who is a bit top-heavy, I always vacillate about whether my sports bras can be both fashionable and functional. I mean, I love looking cute at the gym, but I also need support! Here are my quick thoughts on some of the sports bras featured on Well+Good- check them out & then tell me, what matters in your sports bra: fashion, function or both? Continue reading

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Review of Insanity: Max30 (Week 2 Review)


So I’ve just completed Week 2 of Insanity Max: 30!! Check out my review after the jump for how the second week went for me and learn more about this program if you’re thinking about buying it!  Continue reading

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Review of Insanity: Max30 (Week 1 Review)


Not sure whether you should try Shaun-T’s newest workout program, “Insanity Max:30”? Well much like my other reviews, I will be giving a week-by-week review of this program right here on! Read on to hear the basics of the program and my experience completing the first week!

What is Insanity: Max 30? Continue reading

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60 Day Work Out Team Challenge – Starts January 12th!!


In 2012, I joined a workout group that met every week six times a week for two months. The group had about 20-30 members from all backgrounds and all fitness levels. It was an amazing experience for me; I lost 17lbs and made some lifelong friends. I’ve never been more consistent with my diet and exercise than when I was in that group.

When it comes to getting and staying fit, there’s power in numbers. If you’re looking for team support in fitness, I hope you will join my upcoming 60-day workout group. We already have 7 members and are looking for more. We start on Jan 12th.

Email for more details!!


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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for!

Here’s an excerpt:

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 91,000 times in 2014. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 4 days for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report!

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Holiday Bread Pudding!! (CFC Holiday “Calorie Splurge” Recipe)



Happy Holidays!!! As I promised in my Thanksgiving post, here’s an easy and delicious bread pudding recipe!! I found it on and made a few tweaks. Here’s what you’ll need:

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Join My 30 Day Clean Eating Group! (Starts October 5th)



Are you struggling to get your eating back on track since summer has ended?

Want to get a jump on looking great for the holidays?

Then join my 30 Day Clean Eating Group to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle! This group will be all about group accountability and support to get your diet cleaned up! We will also cover meal planning and how to think BEYOND calories to food groups & best uses of your calories!

Here are the requirements to join: Continue reading

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