About Me

I love food. But I’m also a young, professional, woman who loves form-fitting dresses. So therein lies the problem! I wanted to eat whatever I pleased but still squeeze into that BCBG dress at the same time.

So enter working out and (some) dieting. I ran 5Ks, 12Ks and a half-marathon. I completed countless workout videos. And I put myself through countless diets: low carb, no carb, high protein, no sugar, no dairy, etc. And I got results that I was proud of…

Then, a little under a year ago, someone very close to me was diagnosed with diabetes. Seeing the impact of this diagnosis on their eating and fitness habits, I began to realize what was missing in my own health regimen: depth!

Sure it’s great to be able to squeeze into that itty bitty dress -and I have plenty of them so I gotta get my money’s worth!- but what’s more important is to understand what you’re eating, how it impacts your body and what you can do to be healthier through diet and exercise.

After spending time eating cleaner and working out with more of a purpose, I’m now a firm believer that a healthy diet/exercise should be a lifestyle not a fad!

So this blog will share some yummy, healthy (& diabetic-friendly) recipes I’ve learned. I will offer some fitness/exercise tips as well. I hope the blog is helpful to anyone who is trying to eat healthier, is living with diabetes (or caring for someone with diabetes). Oh yeah, and you BCBG-wearers are more than welcome too. 😉

For blog topic suggestions or business inquiries, please contact chicfitchef@gmail.com.



About ChicFitChef

My "deserted island" checklist: a BCBG dress, a healthy & diabetic-friendly meal and a few workout DVDs. ;-)
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