Insanity DVD Workout Program (Week 1 Review)

In 2010 I committed myself to doing the 60-day Insanity program. Each week I would post my experiences on my Facebook page. I’ve decided to move these posts over to this blog! Here’s my post from week 1!

Okay, so I debated and debated & finally decided that I did have time to offer up a few Facebook notes on my experience doing the Insanity workout. I figure it’ll be a fun way to track my progress AND the more people who know what’s going on the more likely I am to complete this beast! So, if you’re interested, here goes!

It’s Saturday, March 6th, 2010 and I’ve just completed Week One of Insanity. If you know me, you already know that I’m pretty fit and ever since law school have been pretty committed to working out regularly. So why Insanity, you might ask? Well, ironically enough, I blame Equinox. It was the start of 2010 and my Equinox at 50th & Broadway was FULL to the brim with people and their “lose weight” New Year’s resolutions. After spending more time fighting for a spin bike than I’d care to admit, I decided workout videos at home might be my best bet until those people eventually gave up & Equinox cleared out (lmao). So I started out with Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred (which I HIGHLY recommend) to get accustomed to the whole workout video thing. (If you have questions about doing Jillian or want to plug Jillian on this note, feel free!) Once I finished the 30days I wanted a bigger challenge, so I decided on Insanity. I chose Insanity over other advanced workout videos (like P90X) because it’s big on cardio interval training, which I think is the best way to blast off fat. And as you know, summer is just around the corner & the spectre of the bikini awaits!

So I dropped the $100+ (yeah, I know) on the Insanity program and took the plunge.

So far, Insanity has been the toughest workout system I’ve ever done. Each day is a different set of cardio-based exercises that push you to the point (and sometimes past the point) of exhaustion. Shaun T, is the exercise coach and he’s NOT playin’ games. Personally, I liked how the workouts are led by Shaun, he really does a good job of pointing out the keys to workout success: (1) proper form, (2) stretching, (3) warming up/cooling down and (4) getting your heart rate up by really pushing yourself. Each workout basically includes a series of high intensity cardio drills- suicide drills (yeah, like the ones you run on a basketball court), squats, push-ups, mountain climbers (those are basically planks where you bring your knees in) and numerous plyometric exercises. I’ve got knee issues, so I really try to focus on form and not pushing my knees too much if I feel like I need a break. Shaun is big on using your core as well- keeping your core tight on every exercise and using your core to lift your lower body are a big part of his routines.

So yeah, the workout is NO JOKE.

I spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday barely able to move from soreness (my colleagues can attest to this lol). Thankfully, I sit at my desk most of the day at work so that was okay! 😉 Thursday was a Cardio Recovery day (praise Jesus) and then it was high intensity cardio again on Friday and today. The program also gives you a dietary regimen too: it helps you figure out how many calories you need to maintain/lose/gain weight, gives you sample meals to eat each day and offers general suggestions (drink water!) on how to meet your diet goals.

So, thus far, I’m really loving the Insanity program. I’ve taken my measurements (again, progress based just on weight is so passé) and I’m hoping to be happy with my results. Hope you’ll stay tuned! (Onto the Week 2 Review!)


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37 Responses to Insanity DVD Workout Program (Week 1 Review)

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  3. Aaron Whitfield says:

    I think Insanity will be an amazing workout to help cut weight and to build muscle. Some people want to work out then there are other who get up and workout. I am willing to do both so i can have a healthier body for me and my babygirl.

  4. ameersham says:

    insanity towards my insane mind to get insane goal towards my body full transformation…

  5. michelle ruiz says:

    I think insanity is going to be great to help get the body that I want.

  6. i think insanity would be an amazing workout for me as i am ready and willing to finally do something about my body and get it toned up and give me the total transformation of my body that i am looking for and to be healthier for myself and my family

  7. Jaime hernandez says:

    It a couple before n like to complete it all

  8. jwrohrs says:

    I have done a few workouts already because I borrowed some of the DVDs from a friend. The workouts make cross country seem easy, which not many people can do that sport as it is. I want to have that ripped look, while also being in the best shape of my life.

  9. tonya chouinard says:

    Hello there I am a 41 year old and when I was in my late 20’s I was bigger than now..I have been tring so hard to loos this last little bit of layers I have I noticed ur dvd’s and thing they r my last break thru for my body back to where I was before my 20’s I bike everyday I do 200 push ups and shoulder work outs I can’t afford a gym but I really don’t care for them either…I just want a beautiful body soon b4 42 at least..thank you for your time 🙂
    Tonya Chouinard

  10. Wendy says:

    I started doing insanity but so early in the morning does not work well with me. I start to get headaches. Will try in the afternoon. Any suggestions

  11. julie says:

    I would Love Insanity to ramp up my fitness goals!

  12. Derrick McRae says:

    I want the insanity dvd cause i need to get in better shape. I’m thirty married with a 2yr old boy and i need to start getting more serious with getting in shape. I have a lot of different health problems that run on both sides of my family and so far i dnt have any of them and i wanna keep it that way. I wanna get in shape and become more healthier for a better job, my family and for me. I think insanity will be exactly what i need, it looks fun and productive.

  13. Erin hiscock says:

    I want to get toned, fit and feel amazing before I have my knee operation in September. So when I am recovering it won’t feel as bad being out if action

  14. Molly says:

    I would be excited to get either one! My goal is to transform into a lean machine!

  15. jay says:

    single mother of 2 who is also starting training for womens ufc boxing.. with insanity, i feel like i am a force to be wrecken with….P.S. the original will be a great start

  16. CAARRE says:

    Insanity will definitely keep my towards my goal of getting toned all over; I lost the weight, now my goal is to TONE all the wiggles out and away!! Insanity will definitely help me do the TONING!!

  17. says:

    I do this with some friends during school year but i dont have the Insanity set at my house. This program helped me lose my baby fat after I had my daughter. I want to be in the best shape of my life before having another and Insanity will do the trick!

  18. guillermo says:

    i have always tried so many diets, exercises and to be honest, the right frame of mind when decided to go for it. However, i always found myslef demotivated half way through , it is like my goal seemed so far away , almost unachievable. Since I have been reading the reviews of insanity in fb, website, seeing pictures and also videos and even demos in sky via cable, I have found the right way to earn the impossible, the right path to get a total body transformation, challenging my body to a new level which will lead me to a new lifestyle and thats what I want, thats why i would love to be part of this program.

  19. Jacinda truelove says:

    Not sure if this is were i comment but this is the one i would choose and my goals are to get inshape and the more weight i loose the better my chances are to start my family

  20. Jacinda truelove says:

    I am not sure if this is were i post but i would choose the first one and i would love win sobi can loose weight because if i loose this weight i can start a family due to having pcos

  21. Ruben Aranda says:

    Now that I can’t lift weights for a while, I want to keep losing weight so I have to change my way of working out. Insanity at it’s core is pure cardio based workouts that look perfect for my fitness goals. I just hope I can survive it. 🙂

  22. Michelle says:

    I would love to win the insanity dvd set. I’ve been a type 2 diabetic for about 2 years but have heard it can be reversed with diet and exercise and I believe this program would help me to meet my fitness needs to reverse this disease and get back into shape.

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