Insanity DVD Workout Program (Week 2 Review)

Well it’s that time again- my Insanity update.

So it’s March 13th and I just completed Week 2 of the Insanity program. In general, Week 2 was still pretty tough for me- lots and lots of cardio drills and ab work. I usually get up early in the morning to do the workouts each day because I don’t want to risk work interfering in the evenings. Every morning that I get up, I dread the workout because it is exhausting!! But by the time I get done with the warm up and stretch, I’m ready to get into it and really push myself. I WILL finish these 60days!!

Okay, so what are the highlights from Week 2?

Well, I’m happy to report that walking and standing up are not as difficult as they were in Week 1! Lmao! I still get sore from the workouts but it isn’t nearly as severe as the first week, which IMHO is definitely progress.

Next highlight- I got a heart rate monitor and started using it this week. It’s really helping in making sure that I’m keeping my heart rate up, since that’s the whole point of interval training. I’d highly recommend buying one if you’re committed to getting the most out of your own workouts.

Dunno if I want to highlight this, but I promised to keep it real on these updates…my eating habits could be better! I’m pretty good at the start of the day (yogurt & granola for breakfast, light chicken wrap for lunch) but by mid-day/dinner time I’m a mess! I’m a sucker for fresh baked oatmeal raisin cookies and they always seem to have them in my work cafeteria! (sabotage!!) And I really enjoy going out to dinner with friends and family too, but I find that it’s hard keeping the calories down when you eat out. Anyone have any suggestions on this?? I just love food!

Despite my previous highlight, the last (and probably the biggest) highlight of Week 2 is that I’ve already seen some changes in my measurements!!! This is beyond exciting for me because I don’t think any workout that I’ve done thus far (even running a half-marathon!) has given me these kinds of results. I won’t put numbers up on this update, but I will just say that it’s really satisfying to see some changes are happening. Slow but steady! In the spirit of full disclosure, I will say that the scale hasn’t really moved much (would probably move more if I laid off the cookies!), but given the changes in my measurements I’m trying not to get down on myself about it. I think I’m building muscle at this point which is really exciting!

So onto Week 3! I take my second Fit Test on Monday; the program has a series of Fit Tests every two weeks so that you can make sure that you are progressing. So wish me luck & stay tuned!!! 🙂

Thanks for the support!

(Onto the Week 3 Review!)


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2 Responses to Insanity DVD Workout Program (Week 2 Review)

  1. ChicFitChef says:

    Hi Raphael! Thanks for posting. I’m working on beefing up my fitness posts on this very subject- increasing muscle WHILE losing body fat. I think it’s definitely a challenging goal but hopefully I can get closer to it! How long have you been interested in fitness?

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