Insanity DVD Workout Program (Week 4 Review)

You already know what time it is! My weekly Insanity update….

Well I have officially completed one full MONTH of Insanity. Whew! It has been quite a ride to this point!! So proud to be done with the first month, though I’m already petrified of what Month 2 has in store for me….So here’s some brief highlights from Week 4:

I started using a protein supplement late this week. I decided to go with Isopure, since it’s has zero carbs and actually tastes okay. It does contain 220cals per scoop, so I have decided to use that and some fruit as my breakfast from now on. I think I’m at a point where I could really stand to gain some muscle so I’m hoping the shakes will speed up the process. Thanks to the many people who responded to my posts and helped me figure out what my options were!

Measurements are still changing, though a lot slower than at the beginning- I think my body is adapting to the workouts now and could definitely use a new shock (I’m sure Month 2 will be more than enough to shock the bod into some additional toning!) My eating habits haven’t been the greatest; between having a college friend visiting and dinner with another friend who’s leaving the country, I definitely blew through my daily calorie goals. Food is really the toughest thing to manage well. I may cut out alcohol (gasp!) for all of Month 2, just to see if it really does make a difference in my progress. But Lent is over soon, so cheese may be making a comeback!! 😉

Lastly, I won’t be giving an update next week because (1) I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather lately and (2) Week 5 is a Recovery Week so there likely won’t be much to report. I’ll be sure to check in after Week 6 is over to let you know how much more insane the workouts have become! 😀 Hope you’ll stay tuned!

Thanks for the support!

(Onto Weeks 5&6 Review!)


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