Insanity DVD Workout Program (Week 7 Review)

It’s that time again! Apologies for the late post, but yesterday was a busy busy day of primping and partying! 😉

Okay, so I’ve just completed Week 7 of Insanity. I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel at this point (only two more weeks left!), so I’m pumped! Not much in the way of an update this week, but here are some highlights:

The workouts of Month 2 are still killing me! Max Interval Plyo is probably the hardest of them all because there is so much jumping. You literally spend like 50% of the time in the air lol. Heart rate is waaay up most of the time and the intervals are longer before you get a 30second break. It’s definitely been tough.

On measurements- lost another half an inch off the midsection! My weight hasn’t really come down much though. At this point I’ve only lost ONE pound on Insanity but I’ve lost over SIX inches off of my body (that’s including chest, waist, low waist and hips). I should just throw my scale away! Lol. All the more reason why I advocate not relying on poundage as the (sole) measure of workout success.

My eating habits have been solid, though I will say my appetite has really picked up given the intensity of Month 2. I have to surround myself with healthy snacks in order to avoid junk. Apples apples apples. And granola bars + yogurt. And yes, that’s right folks, I’m now at TWO WEEKS WITHOUT OATMEAL RAISIN COOKIES!! Still fighting the good fight. Kudos to all you other friends out there, staying away from tempting fatty foods!! I will say though, I did eat up a storm at my firm’s “prom” last night. And the molten chocolate cake was…Worth. Every. Calorie. You gotta live a little!

Lastly, I’m already thinking about what I should do next. I’m thinking it might be P90x- Insanity has helped me lower my body fat, so I’m thinking P90x might be the way to get some muscle definition. Any P90x alums wanna sound off on it? Or does anyone have any suggestions on other intense workouts programs? I’m officially addicted now & I don’t know what I’m going to do without Shaun-T in the mornings!! Suggestions welcome!

Thanks for the support!

(Onto the Week 8 Review!)


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