Insanity DVD Workout Program (Weeks 5 & 6 Review)

It’s been a while! Well for those of you that have been wondering about my progress on Insanity, I thought I’d provide an update (as promised). This one is longer than usual to get caught up. So…

A bit on last week. Week 5 is a recovery week on the Insanity Program. There is one CD that you do everyday called Cardio Recovery and Balance with lots of stretching and some cardio drills. I was fighting a cold last week so the timing was actually pretty good- I was able to give my body time to rest and recover. The program treats this week as a dead week of sorts (it isn’t even counted as a workout week on the schedule but as a time to let your muscles get prepared for Month 2) so I didn’t feel the need to do a separate post about it. Was def a welcomed break though. Which leads me right into…

The HELL of Week 6!!! Okay, so I’m now officially in Month 2 of the program and let me just say, it’s like starting from scratch all over again! The warm up has changed and all of the exercises are a bit different (some are combinations of exercises we did in Month 1). So for all those friends out there considering jumping into Insanity, I have to say this week has definitely given me pause- it is no joke and your fitness level needs to be pretty high to do these exercises (I’m wiped out most of the time!). It’s tougher on the knees too because there’s a lot of jumping straight down into a plank/push-up from standing position and LOTS OF SQUATS. So I want to really caveat my recommendations to people by saying that you need to be physically prepared for the strain of this workout. That said, here are the highlights of Week 6:

I started out the week with my biweekly fitness test. The test didn’t go as well as I would have liked; of the eight cardio exercises you’re supposed to do to measure your cardio fitness I improved on 6 and fell short on 2 (you know me, I wanted to improve in ALL 8!). I think this is ironically because I was so focused on improving on the tougher exercises that I didn’t really think about the easier ones! Still pretty happy with my overall progress though and I still have two more fitness tests to show improvement in!!

I’ve been drinking an Isopure protein shake everyday as my breakfast. I actually find it to be quite tasty (as far as protein shakes go lol) and feel like it’s definitely helped with muscle recovery. I also got my first (hopefully of many) compliment on my ARMS this past week (yes this is a highlight! lmao), so I think the shakes are helping me build arm muscle!! Anyone know whether it’s best to only drink these shakes after a workout or if they can also serve as a meal replacement?

Month 2 is very very focused on core work. As I said to my girl Morenike (who is also doing Insanity!), “core” pretty much sums up this entire month. That has me really excited because this is the one area I want to improve the most. I’ve lost over an inch off of my low waist in Month 1 so I’m really hoping for similar (or better!) results this month. Fingers crossed!!

On eating- I’m getting better! I did NOT HAVE ONE OATMEAL RAISIN COOKIE this week. And they were fresh baked! Anyone who knows me knows this is a pretty big accomplishment. Lol. The intensity (and soreness) caused by these Month 2 workouts have been enough to make eating a cookie downright silly, so I’ve been able to really remain disciplined. Lent is over (hope everyone had a Happy Easter!) so I finally had cheese again! Ironically, it wasn’t nearly as amazing as I remember! All that fantasizing about cheese turned out to be unnecessary and besides, I’ve already built an eating plan that doesn’t include cheese. So I might just give it up completely! (gasp) I will always have a soft spot for parmesan though (literally lol). I’m also still debating whether to cut out alcohol but I think I might just cut back instead of cutting completely. Any recommendations (besides cosmos) on low-cal alcoholic drinks??

Lastly, I want to say thank you to the many people who have shown me so much support!! I’ve got more weeks behind me in the program than I have ahead of me, so I really appreciate all the love I’ve gotten from friends. Thanks a lot and stay tuned!!

(Onto the Week 7 Review!)


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3 Responses to Insanity DVD Workout Program (Weeks 5 & 6 Review)

  1. ChicFitChef says:

    Hey! Totally understand- the Insanity schedule is crazy. Have you thought about modifying it to meet your needs? For example, maybe you alternate between exercises that aren’t from the DVDs and exercises from the program? I’m planning on trying out Insanity: Asylum soon, so let me know how things turn out for you!

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