4 Healthy Snack Substitutions!!

This weekend, I was wandering around my local supermarket looking for some new snacks. I think it’s really important to have healthy snacks at home to nibble on; if you don’t have snacks at all then you overeat during main meals and if you have unhealthy snacks you set your health goals back! So here are 4 healthy snack substitutions to pick up when you’re looking for some healthy nibblets!

1. Gummy Fruit Snacks → Dried Fruit

Love gummy bears and chewy fruity snacks? I know I do, but as it turns out the real thing is better! Whether it’s dried cranberries, dried cherries or raisins, dried fruit offers the same chewy goodness with much less concentrated sugar. Dried fruits are also just as portable as fruity snacks, so you can eat them on the go, at your desk or at the movies (if you’re into sneaking snacks in! lol) So put down the “fruity” snacks and pick up the real deal.

2. Chips  → Nuts

Everyone loves the crunchiness of a good chip. Get the crunch and skip the bad fats by subbing in nuts instead of chips in your snack arsenal. Just so you know, nuts DO have fats in them, but they are “good fats”- that is unsaturated fat. Also nuts contain nutrients that can lower your low-density lipoprotein or LDL cholesterol[1]. Can chips do that? Um, I don’t think so. Go nuts! (I recommend pistachios and almonds!)

3. Pudding/Regular Yogurt  → Greek Yogurt

Have you noticed that greek yogurt seems to be all the rage now? Dannon has a brand (Oikos), and there are many other brands including Chobani and Fage. So what’s all the talk about? Toss that pudding snack and listen up! The two key things that make Greek yogurt better than any pudding or non-Greek yogurt are: (1) higher protein content and (2) lower sugar content [2]. Looks like the Greeks are onto something! As a side note: be careful of the Greek yogurts with added flavors (eg. honey, strawberry). Go for the plain fat free Greek yogurt (and add your dried fruit from #1 to it!).

4. Dip → Hummus

Hummus from The Nile restaurant, Chicago.

This one is obvi! Skip the fatty cheese/sour cream dips you might use to snack and try hummus instead. Most hummus is made by blending chickpeas and tahini (ground sesame seeds). There are many brands (eg. Sabra, Tribe, etc), so give a few a try until you find one that you like. Because hummus is made from chickpeas it’s high in protein and fiber. Finally with the many great flavors hummus comes in (including roasted garlic, red pepper, etc) you will not be disappointed. Nix the dip and give hummus a try!

So who said snacking can’t be part of a healthy diet? Happy clean eating!


Image Credits (in order of appearance):
greenbulk.com, moxieq.com, chobani.com, wikipedia.com


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