Insanity Asylum Pt 1 DVD Program (Week 2 Review)

Week 2 Review

It’s another Insanity Asylum review! Week 2 contained the same workouts in the same rotation as Week 1 (Speed and Agility, Strength, Back to Core and Vertical Plyo) with two new additions, Relief and Game Day. So that you know, here are the time breakdowns for the workouts:

Speed and Agility (45minutes)
Strength (50 minutes)
Back to Core (45 minutes)
Vertical Plyo (40 minutes)
Relief (25 minutes)
Game Day (60 minutes)

Game Day (Sports Simulation DVD)

Umm yeah, you read that right- Game Day is a full hour of work! This is the last of the 6 intense workouts that make up the Asylum and let me just say this was TOUGH and surprisingly fun! Game Day takes you through simulations of several different sports- from the sports you’d expect like track, basketball and football to some that you wouldn’t expect like wrestling, baseball, swimming, speed skating, tennis and mountain-climbing.

It really is something you have to experience for yourself to understand the intensity. Sprints, in&out push-ups, breaststroke, jump shots, sprints to a backhand serve- basically every muscle got worked and I was a ball of pain and sweat at the end! I have to say, unlike in Insanity, there was no monotony here. The sports simulations made the workout really dynamic! So I gotta give it to Shaun-T; he definitely made me dig deeper in a new way. Go Team Asylum!

Relief (Stretching DVD)

So Game Day was basically the biggest highlight of Week 2, but I’ve noticed a few other differences between Asylum and the original Insanity. For one thing, the stretching at the start of Asylum is a LOT shorter than the stretching in Insanity- I think this is because Shaun has a whole separate DVD dedicated to just 25minutes of stretching in Relief. I’m not sure how I feel about this change; I think there is a some benefit to having a longer stretching time for these intense workouts. I would advise anyone thinking about this program to really consider their fitness level before trying it, especially in terms of flexibility. I don’t think I’m all that flexible, but I think the shortness of the stretching could be a problem for some people.

One other thing I noticed is that I’m having a LOT less joint pain and soreness doing Asylum than doing Insanity. I know that I mentioned this in my Week 1 review, but I’m really starting to see a difference in how my body is responding. I definitely remember having sore/tight knees during the first weeks of Insanity and that’s not the case this time around.

So here are a few quick Week 2 highlights:

1. Less soreness!
2. I’ve been drinking either a protein shake (Isopure) with water or chocolate soy milk after each workout, which I think has helped with my recovery time.
3. Game Day!

Here are a few Week 2 lowlights:

1. Still struggling with Speed and Agility! I’m finding that I keep kicking that damn floor ladder and stepping on my jump rope! I hate the floor ladder! Arrrrrgh!!
2.  My diet has been a little shaky. I was really good during Week 1, if only because I was so sore that eating sweets seemed downright silly. But now that the soreness has subsided, my cravings have come back with a vengeance! Trying to stay strong.
3. Game Day! (Yeah, I know I listed it as a highlight too. Life can be complex 😉 )
4. Did I mention that I hate the floor ladder?

Hope you’ll tune in for my Week 3 review! I’m officially half-way through this beast!

(See Week 3 Asylum Review)


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