Insanity Asylum Pt. 1 DVD Program (Week 3 Review)

I completed Week 3 of the Insanity Asylum and wanted to check in with you guys! This was the second to last week of the Asylum program, so it’s getting close to the home stretch! 😀

Week 3 Review

The third week of Asylum covered all 7 of the same workouts I mentioned in my Week 2 review. Here’s the order for Week 3: (1) Speed & Agility, (2) Vertical Plyo, (3) Strength, (4) Relief, (5) Game Day & Overtime, (6) Vertical Plyo and (7) Back to Core. As usual, these workouts were no joke. I still take a LOT of breaks, just to bring my heart rate down and make sure I’m keeping decent form. Especially when there’s a lot of jumping, I find that I have to really land softly so as not to hurt my knees or calves. Also, if I sense that I’m getting tired, I always modify the movements to suit what my body can do (eg. stepping out into a plank position instead of jumping, etc.). Vertical Plyo, Game Day and Speed & Agility are by far the tougher of these DVDs in my opinion. I enjoy Strength, Back to Core and (of course) Relief!

Week 3 Highlights

1. I definitely feel stronger!
I did a quick workout progress check in and I’m seeing changes in my body already, which is pretty amazing for just 3 weeks of work! Not to mention I can do more of the exercises that require you to be in a plank or push-up position, so I know that my core and arms (the two weaker parts of my body) are developing.

2. Because I’m feeling stronger, I’ve decided to up the weights.
I’ll be upping the weights I’ve been using from 8lbs to 10lbs for the final week of Asylum. While I’m sure that this will slow me down in terms of some of the exercises, I think I’ll see greater gains over the course of the last week! Fingers crossed!

Week 3 Lowlights

1. I still HATE the floor ladder.
I have to admit, it is the one thing I will NOT miss once Asylum is over! lol Whenever I get tired during Speed & Agility, the first thing that happens is that I kick the ladder out of place when landing my jumps or run-thrus! I also find that the floor ladder can be a bit dangerous; if I land on the plastic portions of the ladder after a jump, the ladder slides & I have an unsteady landing. It’s probably best to use this ladder on a mat surface not a wood-panel floor, but I have no choice in my apartment! Definitely something to consider if you are interested in these DVDs.

2. I could not do the exercises in Overtime.
Overtime is a 15minute addition to Game Day that you try out for the first time in Week 3. It is led by Shaun-T, but only two guys are with him for this workout- both of whom are army/Marine vets! The exercises in Overtime were WAAY above my skill level; many of them involved one-legged jumps and upper-body work that was just too high a level of difficulty for me. No shame in my game though- I don’t want to risk injury doing something my body isn’t ready for!

3. My eating habits could have been better this week!
One of the greatest challenges of doing the intense Insanity workouts is curbing my appetite & I’ve been failing miserably! While I’ve managed to stay away from completely unhealthy foods (eg. oatmeal raisin cookies!), I’ve been having some trouble with portion control! I’m going to try to pull things together in my final week though!

Stay tuned for the Final Week Review, my overall grade of the Insanity Asylum and my results!


(See Final Week 4 Asylum Review)


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