Fitness For Us By Us: Interview with Dailande Antoine, founder of Fitness Ladies (CFC Spotlight Thursdays)

While on Facebook, I stumbled upon a group page called “Fitness Ladies”. It’s a page that immediately resonated with me; lots of fitness tips for women, inspirational and motivational quotes, workout regimens- you know I was totally hooked! 😉 I became a Facebook fan and then started wondering about the woman behind the scenes who was offering so much help and support. Well lucky for me (and you!), she was open to doing an interview about how Fitness Ladies got started. Read on to learn more about Dailande Antoine, founder of “Fitness Ladies”!

1. Tell us about yourself! 

My name is Dailande Antoine and I’m a Licensed Practical Nurse, Fitness Trainer, Motivational Individual and a woman who strives for balance and happiness in life. Born and raised in Haiti and grew in Brooklyn, NY since 1991. All of my life I knew I was destined to do something big and change people’s lives through entertainment or health somehow. The opportunity was presented to me after I realized I gained too much weight two years ago. Once I lost the weight, I decided to share my knowledge and experiences with everyone. That’s when Fitness Ladies (“FL”) came about- this year January 2012. Over the course of a few months, the page went viral and stands today at over 7,000 members.

Dailande pre-weight loss

2. What inspired you to start Fitness Ladies (FL)? What is the organization’s mission? Is the organization’s focused on helping all women or mainly women of color?

I realized getting fit and healthy is one of the many important challenges women must take on. My partner inspired me to go the extra mile by sharing my fitness story, providing a countless amount of daily motivation, meal plans, workout routines that target exactly what women are always asking and looking for and more. Not to mention all of this is for FREE!!! I’m now opening new doors for ALL women, especially my black women around the world, help them reach their fitness goals as well as making healthy lifestyle changes and inspiring them as well.

3. What programs/activities does FL engage in (both online and in-person)?

There’s the Saturday Fitness class, weekday classes for both morning and evening workers and FL just recently walked the AIDS NY 2012 with a few of the page members that came out. Also, I share several fitness and meal plans challenges daily, Personal Training opportunities, Skype Fitness and lots more to come. Considering the fact that I’ve just started and accomplished so much you can be sure to stay tuned to a whole lot more to come!

4. You do a lot of your programming in Brooklyn, New York. Are there any unique challenges that your Brooklyn members face when it comes to fitness/healthy-eating?

I can honestly say the economy’s downfall has been very challenging for many members. Lots of individuals find it hard to commit to a gym membership or to financially equip themselves with the tools and foods needed to live a healthier lifestyle. Most people find the unhealthy way out more affordable and take that route- but cheaper does not mean good quality like I always say!

5. Can you share a story of how FL has helped one of its members?

I can actually share quite a few! I receive messages daily of women that said they have been a member on my page for weeks or months and wanted to personally tell me that I’ve changed their lives. Some may even go to the extent of saying I’ve saved their lives because of the constant motivation from site and their realization of this turn around will take time per individual but as long as they get started they have ridden themselves of the difficult part. Many are losing weight and building self-esteem by the weeks through my personalized programs and also from the page’s resources.

6. What do you think are the 3 big things that hold women back from being more healthy?

1. Excuses
2. Taking on too much
3. Lack of will power and motivation

Dailande, after beginning workout regimen

7. What advice would you give to a woman who is just starting out getting fit and healthy?

Go according to your pace and push yourself harder every two weeks. Remember that the meal plan is the most important to a healthy fit body. The body gets accustomed to the workouts that you do unless you switch it up every week and go even harder. Also be patient, your body responds differently than others but know that you will reach your goals as long as you stay committed and persistent!

8. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Love yourself, always reinvent yourself, teach yourself new things and do the things that make you happy. One day when you look back you will have no regrets and will know that you lived your life for YOU! No one else…

*** You can visit Fitness Ladies on Facebook here or on the new website hereAre you a member? What has your experience been? ***



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