VIDEO!!: Getting to Know CrossFit from Diverse Athletes (CFC Spotlight Thursdays)

So I’m sure that you’ve heard about CrossFit, probably through the “Ochocinco vs Annie” commercials – the one with Chad Ochocinco and the woman with her socks rolled all the way up to her knees? Well, I wanted to learn about CrossFit from some diverse CrossFit athletes and had the awesome chance to interview Syn Martinez, the owner of CrossFitHarlem in NYC and some of the CFH athletes….on CAMERA!!

Hope you enjoy’s very first vlog interview! Check it out!


(Sponsored by, CrossFitHarlem & Afrobrutality)


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My "deserted island" checklist: a BCBG dress, a healthy & diabetic-friendly meal and a few workout DVDs. ;-)
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7 Responses to VIDEO!!: Getting to Know CrossFit from Diverse Athletes (CFC Spotlight Thursdays)

  1. bcopher says:

    Great video CFC! I hope this inspires others to try Harlem CF. It’s a great community. While Syn’s classes are notorious for being difficult (it took me weeks to build the courage to attend my 1st class with him), you will receive an amazing workout. The workouts are scalable and efficient. Just know that if you don’t squat low, you will be in trouble!

  2. Heatheresq says:

    Beasting! You look amazing dear.

  3. CNK says:

    This was great! And may I say that I’m so pleased to see that you’re working with Tiana. Keep it up. 🙂

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