3 Ways To Get out of a Fitness Rut (Thank You Color Run!)

I’ve been searching for a new fitness regimen with lukewarm success. I decided that I wanted to switch things up from the high intensity interval training I’ve been doing like Insanity and Insanity Asylum, but I still haven’t found anything that speaks to me.

I don’t know about you, but when I don’t have a clear fitness plan/regimen in mind, my consistency falters. I spend so much time thinking about what kind of workout to do that I don’t end up working out! This my fellow health-minded friends is what I like to call the beginnings of a fitness rut. I was falling into one and didn’t know what to do!

So what broke the terrible spell?

Well, a few weeks back, a friend of mine invited me to participate on her Color Run team. I agreed, but then forgot about it and fell into my fitness rut in the meantime. She sent me a reminder about it a few days before and I realized that this was just what I needed to get out of my fitness funk- a fun 5K that would take me back to my workout basics!

I started out the run at a moderate pace -I hadn’t run a race in over a year- but then determined to pick things up and not stop. Do not stop. Do not quit.

Well not only did I finish the 5K but I did it at a record pace! When I finished, my quads were burning, my abs were sore and I had the best runner’s high. THIS is what I’d been missing! And here’s what I learned about breaking out of a fitness rut:

1. Stop Thinking About It & Just Do It!

If you find yourself obsessing over what kind of workout to start, what your meals should look like and what kind of workout gear you need- STOP!! You’re over-thinking and in the meantime, losing precious time on your health journey. Promise yourself that you are going to get started with one specific workout even if the plan may have to change later.

2. Find a Simple Workout To Do

For me running has always been my home base of fitness. When I’m undecided on what kind of workout I want to do, I hit the treadmill while I sort things out. Figure out what simple workout you can fall back into while you figure out what your new regimen will be.

3. Spice Things Up!

Find a fun race that you can do. If you enjoy dancing, find a new dance studio or class that you can hit up when you’re feeling that “fitness rut” coming on. For me, running a simple 3-mile race (and then partying afterward!) was just the extra spice I needed to find the fun in fitness again! 😉

Check out my post-Color Run party video below and SHARE:

How do you break out of a fitness rut? -CFC

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