How Working Out with Friends Can Get You More Fit

Me and Tania (of Insanity & Hip Hop Abs fame). You’re such an inspiration girl!!

I had a fantastic time at the Shaun-T Powerade Zero event this Saturday. The event featured one of my favorite fitness celebrities, Shaun-T, leading a group in a 45-minute Insanity workout at Chelsea Piers. Another one of my fitness idols, Tania, was also there pumping up the crowd. And last, but certainly not least, some of my really amazing workout friends were there and we cheered each other on throughout the workout.

As I pushed through the suicide drills, burpees and high knees (which I’ve done many times but never get easy) I found myself getting pretty tired and wanting to stop! But each time I wanted to quit, I’d look in front of me to my friends Susan and Celester or glance over to my right at my girl Mary and be inspired! They were tired too, but if they could keep going so could I! The whole experience got me thinking about fitness relationships and the importance of having supportive workout friends as your try to lead a healthier life.

How can you spot workout friendships and help nurture them?

1. Try to Find People Who Enjoy the Same Workouts You Do

The next time you’re in a class at your gym, check out who else is in the class and is as dedicated as you are. If you and that person make it to the same classes at around the same time, you may want to strike up a convo and see if s/he would be interested in working out together outside of class! If you’re not a gym rat but really enjoy going out for runs, join a running club (like New York Road Runners or Black Girls Run!) to meet new friends you can workout with.

2. Look for Workout Friends Who Will Push You (& Who You Can Push Right Back)

One of things I love about my workout friends is that they are also my friends. They keep it real with me when I’m stopping short during a workout, running late to sessions or need to put down that bag of white cheddar popcorn. And they can also take whatever they dish out; I can yell at them to push through a workout and go farther than they thought they could. So there’s a healthy push and pull/competition between us; we’re there to help each other beat our own personal bests and set new goals each time we workout together.

3. Look for Workout Friends Who are Positive!

This might be the most important one. Working out is hard and can be grueling. There will be moments when you want to quit or hit a wall. So you want your workouts with a friend to uplift you, not bring you down. If you’re spending most of your time together griping about weight loss struggles, eating bad foods after a workout or complaining about how tough a cardio/weights set was, you might need to check this relationship at the door! Try to find a workout friend who is going to help keep you hopeful in your health journey and vice versa. You want to be inspiring each other with positive energy at all times! -CFC

*** Do you workout in a group or with a friend? How did you develop your workout friendship? What keeps it going? ***

CFC Fitness Tip: Want to know how to get out of a fitness rut?

Just some of my workout buddies. I love you guys!


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6 Responses to How Working Out with Friends Can Get You More Fit

  1. Heather says:

    This is so true! If anyone wants a super supportive workout buddy, call me!

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