Can Black Women Wear Red Lipstick? Hear What “Kiki Says…”

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Kiki, Chic Guest Columnist (

Dear Kiki,

I’m a woman with brown skin on the hunt for a fab red lipstick. I’ve been told by my girlfriends that black women can’t wear red on their lips! I’ve yet to find a shade that doesn’t make me look clownish…are my friends right in telling me to give up the search? Help!


Kiki says…

Dear BrownLookingforRed,

Your friends are giving me the sads – mainly because they’re wrong. Wearing red lipstick is the right of every woman. The trick is to find your match and that can be difficult no matter what your skin tone – if the palest women can wear red lipstick, so can the darkest. But what makes finding a match difficult isn’t necessarily about your skin tone, it’s about your skin undertone. Undertones are generally divided into two groups: cool and warm. If you have blue (read: cool) undertones, don’t be trying to wear an orangey (read: warm) red lip. If you have golden undertones, steer clear of blue-ish reds. If the undertone of the lipstick and the undertone of your skin match then the lipstick will work for you. But you don’t have to take my word for it, the ladies at The Beauty Department agree. Once you know what undertones work for you, remember to be BOLD, like Janelle Monae!

Photo Credit: Beyond Black Beauty

* Have you also heard that you can’t wear certain shades
because of your skin color? *

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2 Responses to Can Black Women Wear Red Lipstick? Hear What “Kiki Says…”

  1. Heather says:

    I wonder who made her lipstick. It’s gorg!

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