Winner of the Insanity Giveaway & How I Indulged My Sweet Tooth!

Attack of the Viennese Bear!!

CFC is back in the building!!! 😉 I actually really missed you guys while I was traveling, but I had a fantastic time and have some amazing pictures for you (after the jump)!! And I also have the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the announcement of the winner of the Insanity DVD set giveaway. And the winner is…

Insanity DVD Winner: toobinater277

Congratulations to toobinater277!  Please email to claim the DVD set before the end of the day Thursday, October 4th (otherwise it will be given away to another eligible CFC subscriber)! 

A few of you guys asked me how the winner of the giveaway would be selected, so I wanted to drop an important note about the selection process for all giveaways on All giveaway winners on are selected using a random number generated on The email addresses of each entrant is entered into an Excel spreadsheet, assigned a number and then whatever corresponding number is generated via determines the winner. I actually learned about from a Youtube blogger (love yah Naptural85!) and decided to use it on this blog because I think it ensures that winners are chosen purely by luck of the draw. If a different selection process is ever used for a giveaway, I’ll be sure to let you guys know, but in the meantime, it’ll be random selection! Stay subscribed and on the CFC Facebook page to be plugged in for future giveaways.

And now, as promised, are just a few pictures of the delicious desserts I tried while I was on my trip! Check out the yummy goodness (click pics to enlarge them) & share: what sweets are you a sucker for?

The deliciousness that was this Apple Strudel still haunts me…

 I went to a Chocolate Festival in Budapest and spotted these doughy, sweet biscuits. Drool…

Just when I thought I had the will-power to resist, I got this little taste of chocolatey heaven with my morning coffee/espresso. (Not pictured: the goo-ey warm chocolate filling inside this dessert that I licked off my fingers…)

 Macarons!! In lovely colors and flavors! I guess these little treats aren’t just a “French thing”?

This was a large macaron-inspired dessert that was filled with Toblerone/caramel chocolate. You can guess what happened to it…

Not even a fair fight!

Needless to say after all this sweet indulgence, I will need to step up my workout and healthy eating game guys! See you on the treadmill and/or digging deeper with Insanity!!



About ChicFitChef

My "deserted island" checklist: a BCBG dress, a healthy & diabetic-friendly meal and a few workout DVDs. ;-)
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2 Responses to Winner of the Insanity Giveaway & How I Indulged My Sweet Tooth!

  1. Heather says:

    Why are you torturing me when I am on BluePrint. This all looks amazing!

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