Making Treadmills Fun, Celeb Fit Trends & Lacey Stone (CFC Spotlight Thursdays)

As I write this, my quads and inner thigh muscles are screaming. Ab soreness? Check. Biceps sore? Check. Who do I have to thank for all this pain? Fitness instructor to the stars, Lacey Stone, and the new Epic treadmill (being sold exclusively at Dick’s Sporting Goods stores)! I told you guys that I was going to an event this week where I’d get to meet Lacey and learn how to spice up a treadmill workout. Read on for more pics from the event, a fab interview with Lacey & details on how treadmill runs can be more fun! 

[1] Lacey watches on as I burn it out on the treadmill (after an intense 30-minute boot camp session (see pics of that below)). Don’t let the smile fool you- it was (good) PAIN! 😉          

CFC: For people who don’t know you, tell us about how you came to be a fitness instructor.

Lacey: I’ve been an athlete my whole life. And the thing that really got me into this is that I didn’t have the best coaches or I just had coaches that didn’t believe in me as much as I would have liked. I wanted them to tell me how good I was sometimes. I hit the 3 and they’re like “Good. That’s what you’re supposed to do.” I tried to work in corporate America and I was like, “this is not for me”. And then I just fell in love with the concept that I could be the coach to everyone. The coach, or the friend, or the person that just believes in them. So my job everyday is to empower people to be the best that they can be not only physically, but mentally. And it’s just a gift.

[2] Lacey Stone!

CFC: So you’ve trained celebrities like Serena Williams and Nicole Kidman. What are the hottest celebrity fitness trends going on right now?

Lacey: I feel like they’re getting back to basics. I don’t know about trends, but I do know that people are really trying to eat healthy and they’re really trying to be strong. Muscles are in, is what I’ve noticed. You know, the trying to be thin and not eating and the nonsense that was happening before with the gimmicks- that’s kind of out. Shortcuts are out and it’s more of a well-balanced approach. Jennifer Aniston is the perfect example of someone that tries to eat well and workout on a regular basis. I’m not a gimmick person, I’m not going to give that to you. I don’t believe in that stuff. It’s a lifestyle, it’s a pattern and it’s about being authentic and if you can be authentic with what you’re doing, you’re going to be happy. Happiness is the new trend.

CFC: “Happiness is the new trend”- love it!! So treadmills. It’s getting colder so people are running indoors to train for marathon season. What tips do you have for making a treadmill workout more interesting?

Lacey: I think multi-tasking on the treadmill is great. The side shuffle is something you can do- put the treadmill on a little bit of an incline and do a sideways run. Or I have people go backwards, like back pedal. Just so that you’re doing different things…it’s a little scary so that when you’re doing it you get a little nervous and you don’t even think about the fact that you’re working out. And then obviously a heart rate monitor is really good because you can actually see your progress, but that’s why this treadmill is great because it tracks your progress.

CFC: This treadmill tracks everything! I was just running in Scotland! I ran hills and flat roads- pretty amazing!

Lacey: Thank you! You could run across America on the EPIC treadmill. I mean that’s really cool! I’ve also come up with a fun treadmill work that you can download here & take to the gym: Lacey Stone’s Spicy Treadmill Workout!

[3] The EPIC treadmill!

CFC: For someone who is starting out, what tips do you have for them to tiptoe into working out?

Lacey: Buy a really fierce outfit! That is one! But I mean, in all seriousness, a lot of people try group classes because those are in-built communities within your gym, so that you can connect with maybe an instructor who inspires you. My job as a teacher is to teach, so when someone new comes in I just can’t wait to help them. So really take advantage of that at your gym. Take advantage of a fit friend and ask them how they do it. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, stuff like that. Also in terms of the gym, take a class that’s not scary at first so that you build your confidence.

CFC: What tips do you have for people who are already working out and might be feeling a bit bored/not challenged?

Lacey: Totally shift your whole thing- try yoga, try rock-climbing. Do something that’s totally different. Try Barry’s Bootcamp as opposed to doing the same thing every single day over and over again; of course you’re going to get bored that way. Do a marathon. Set a goal. Goals are the key to success.

Lacey was a really fun fitness instructor to work with; I had a blast! If you’re in the LA area and want to work out with her, she’ll be at the new Flywheel indoor cycling studio that’s set to open in November 2012! 

[4] This is NOT your “Jane Fonda” step routine!  

[5] Let me see you one two step…  

[6] Props to me taking the 8 lb ball instead of the 6…    

[7] Lacey & Me (exhausted)!

Photo Credits for Photos 1-6: Diane Bondareff/Invision for Dick’s Sporting Goods

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  1. merarysoto says:

    love this post! active and fun.

  2. Petronella says:

    You go girl!! I’m inspired

  3. Heather says:

    I thought this was going to be a light workout. You seriously burned it out!

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