What To Cook When You’re Stuck at Home (Hurricane Sandy Edition)

Photo Credit: Susan Polgar Blogspot

Most people living in NYC and the rest of the northeast have been hunkered down in their homes for the past 24-36hours waiting out Hurricane Sandy. Sandy actually came to town just in time for my move-in with my fiancé so I’ve been hunkered down with him, several boxes and leftovers. So what’s the best thing to cook when you’re stuck in the house?

1. Stew On It

Remember my lentil stew from my last post? Well, this pot of stew came in pretty handy during Hurricane Sandy! Flavorful and easily reheated, a soup or a stew (canned or homemade) is one of your best bets when you’re shut in the house. Be careful with the canned options though- they usually contain a lot of sodium so scoop out the goodies, add a little bit of the canned broth and pour in some water instead.

2. Roast in Large Quantities

If you’re stuck at home, you probably have a lot of time on your hands, so try roasting a large chicken or red meat (if you eat red meat) to eat off of during the storm.  The pic above is from my Red Stripe chicken recipe, but you can also try my roasted lamb recipe from awhile back. Both came out great!

3. Power Out? Try Some Healthy Cold Food Options

I was fortunate enough not to lose power because of the Hurricane but if you’ve lost power (or think you may lose power as Sandy heads your way) then be sure to stock up on healthy cold food options: cold soups (I think canned tomato soup would be best), cold cuts for sandwiches (watch out for sodium!) and veggies for salads. Also be sure to watch the condiments/dressings you use on your sandwiches and salads- think spicy mustard instead of overly-sweet ketchup & go for olive oil/vinegar instead of heavy ranch dressing.

Have you been hit by the storm? Hope you and yours STAY SAFE!
For more Hurricane Sandy photos check out The Daily Beast’s coverage!



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My "deserted island" checklist: a BCBG dress, a healthy & diabetic-friendly meal and a few workout DVDs. ;-)
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One Response to What To Cook When You’re Stuck at Home (Hurricane Sandy Edition)

  1. jfgemini says:

    I’m about to make a salad , that’s the easier thing right now. I have to check your Red Stripe Chicken recipe.

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