3 Things You Should Never Do in the Locker Room (CFC Opinion)


Back in the day you had to wear clothes everywhere in the ladies locker room- even in the shower!

Nudity. Bare feet. Hair in the drain. Read my 3 tips on how to safely navigate some of the horrors of the locker room & how not to be a violator of basic locker room etiquette!

So now that I’m back in the gym again, I’m back in the women’s locker room. I mostly work out in the mornings so thankfully it isn’t that crowded, but being back in the locker room has brought back some bad memories of my prior gym-rat days. Here are 3 of my biggest locker room pet peeves (eg. things you should never do while in the locker room!)


1. Unnecessary Nudity
Okay, I get it. We’re in a locker room so I may see some bare skin. But while a little nudity is understandable (eg. while you’re getting your underwear on, putting on some lotion, etc.), unnecessary nudity is NOT okay. What’s unnecessary? Walking to and from the locker/bathroom area complete nude. Sitting on a locker room bench and arranging your gym clothes without a stitch on. While some judgment is needed here, I would say that the general rule should be “Do I have to be nude in order to do X?” If the answer is no, then please grab a towel.

stuff everywhere

2. Taking Up Too Much Personal Space
I always try to pick a locker that’s far from the other lockers being used, but somehow by the time I get back to my locker from my workout, there are always ten other women crammed in the same corner. If this happens to you, please be thoughtful! The worst is when there’s  limited space near your locker and someone has spread out their coat, scarf, towel, toiletries and sweaty gym clothes on the only bench. And as a corollary to #1, this is even worse if there are naked people around- share locker room space wisely and keep your space use in check!


3. Bare Feet
Most people know the deal when it comes to using (semi) public showers- bring flip flops. The reason is that you don’t know what people might be carrying on their feet- a friend of mine once got plantar warts from walking around bare foot in a locker room- yikes! Seeing someone without flip flops makes me cringe and clasp my flip flops close. So if you’re going to come to the gym, be thoughtful and bring your flip flops. If you forget them, see if your gym has any sanitary plastic bags/sheets; you can wear your socks around the locker room and stand on the plastic in the shower. -CFC

*What are your biggest locker room pet peeves? Share your horror stories!*

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3 Responses to 3 Things You Should Never Do in the Locker Room (CFC Opinion)

  1. jfgemini says:

    Pass the collection plate! Although, I am guillty of sometimes laying out my things, when someone comes close, I make sure and remove my things from the bench.
    I make sure I am never without my flip flop, but give a serious side eye to those that don’t. However, my biggest peeve, is the gratuitious nakedness. I get it, you love your body and you want to feel uninhibited in the locker room, but I shouldn’t have to 1/ take time finding a place to turn my head because I don’t want to look at you 2/ see things that only your significant other /gyno should be privy too.

  2. Zenith says:

    Staring at others in the locker room- especially when one is changing clothes is one of my pet peeves. I guess some people love to compare bodies, but this is highly annoying and wreaks of insecurity. Look at pictures of people online at home, if you want to match your body up to someone else’s. The locker room is not the place for this and will like lead to harsh words being passed if your eye linger too long at the wrong person.

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