Activyst: Cute Sports Bags For A Great Cause (CFC Spotlight Thursdays)


Exercise and sports work wonders for young girls: improving their physical health, giving them self-confidence & making them less susceptible to negative social pressures. Knowing this, the founders of Activyst,  a new active bag company, are using their collection of fashionable sports bags to fund girls sports around the world! Talk about fashion for a purpose! Learn more in this guest FAQ post from Blair Warner, Founder & Strategy Advisor of Activyst! -CFC

Blair Warner

Blair Warner, Founder & Strategy Advisor of Activyst

Q: What is Activyst all about?

A: Activyst is an active bag company that supports girls’ sports programs around the world.  We use a partner-focused, project-based funding model, donating a portion of the proceeds from each bag to charitable organizations that provide girls with access to athletics. For instance, our first partner (Soccer Without Borders Nicaragua) currently needs help building a soccer field and supporting a girls’ community center, so we’re donating proceeds from our first batch of bags to address these needs.

Q: Where did the name “Activyst” come from?

A: It’s a combination of what we’re all about–being active, and being a catalyst for change.

Q: How are girls’ sports a catalyst for change?

A: Well, we all know what it feels like to be active–the rush of adrenaline, the team camaraderie, and the sense of accomplishment from achieving a fitness goal. For women, the benefits of being active, and playing sports in particular, are huge. Studies consistently demonstrate that a girl who plays sports is healthier, more educated, happier and more confident. And this trickles down to other parts of society–her children and her community. Stronger girls make for a stronger world. (See more here)

SWB team picture 600

Q: Tell us a little bit about the bags you’ve designed.

A:  The bags are made of macen, used in Activyst’s birthplace of Nicaragua for everything from hammocks, to harvesting coffee, to transporting goods. They’re durable, waterproof, and have all the pockets and storage you could want, so they work for any adventures in your everyday, active life. The Active Bag, for instance, has compartments for your shoes, yoga mat, water bottle, clothes, electronics, and other personal items.

Q: It looks like you have already met your initial funding goal. What’s next?

A: We were so excited to meet our $25,000 goal in the first 3 days of our campaign. Now, we’re shooting to reach $50,000, and will using a portion of the proceeds to support a soccer program in Uganda.

Q: Where can people go to learn more and check out your bags?

A: We’re live now at You can read more about our mission and see the bags there, and you can also watch a video that introduces what we’re all about. You can also visit us at:


Roatan child 3

(See another interview!)


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