3 Things To Know About Your Abs! (CFC “Summer Starts Now” Series!)


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Most of us would love to have 6-pack abs. Not only do they look amazing, but they signify something- reaching a level of fitness that few achieve! Here are three things that you may or may not have heard about abs that should help you on your #summerstartsnow journey!

Cobb Salad 1

1. “Abs Are Made in the Kitchen”
I first heard this phrase from a guy model friend of mine who was getting ready for NYC Fashion Week. It’s probably something that you’ve heard before too- but let’s be clear on something first: everyone has abdominal muscles!! You have them to hold you upright and help you move around. Your abs just won’t be pronounced or visible to you without lowering your body fat through a healthy diet. What’s a healthy diet? You know what blog you’re on, right? High in lean protein and veggies and low in carbs (the complex kind). So that’s all the more reason to put down that chicken wing!

Woman Doing Crunches

2. Without A Proper Diet & Cardio, Crunches May Not Be A Good Idea
Think about it, if the only way you can see the muscles of your abdomen is through a healthy diet and all that you do are crunches/sit-ups without eating properly/shedding fat with cardio, then you’re basically building some awesome muscle under a layer of fat! This is another reason why people often give up on their diet/workout regimen, because they don’t see that six-pack coming in! But don’t give up, just change your focus! If you’re trying to get your body ready for summer and want ab definition, don’t just do a bunch of crunches- up your cardio, eat right FIRST & those abs will start shining through.


3. You Might Not Have a 6-Pack
Okay I know this seems to contradict my first point, right? Nope! While everyone has abdominal muscles, not everyone’s abs look the same. What actually causes the typical “6-pack” abs look is the connective tissue that runs across and separates your abdominal muscle. So while the 6-pack is the most common separation, depending on how your tissues are built you might have a 5-pack or even an 8-pack! Check out this eyecandy Youtube video showing different ab separations. 😉 -CFC

** Are you on an “abs” journey for summer? What have you heard about how to get that 6-pack? **

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8 Responses to 3 Things To Know About Your Abs! (CFC “Summer Starts Now” Series!)

  1. Lisa says:

    Jamilah looks great!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I completely did NOT know anything about #3 on the list – very interesting! Admittedly, I wish I could achieve a 6-pack (or whatever pack I have hiding), but for myself, I am realistic. I like sweets way too much. I’m super fit and healthy, but with more babies hopefully in the next few years, it’s not going to happen. But it makes me accept and appreciate my gains a little more, like my super awesome arms and shoulders. Thanks for sharing this info 🙂

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