3 Ways to Drink Alcohol & Still Lose Weight (“Summer Starts Now!” Series)

Multi Berries with Vermouth

So you’re probably thinking, really CFC? Fitting alcohol into your diet? Yeah I know, alcohol shouldn’t be part of any “clean” regimen and if you can cut out alcohol completely my hat’s off to you! But living a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t mean you can’t have a little fun & we all know that social events (especially summer ones!) typically involve some libations. So here are 3 quick tricks to work in a little bit of drinking and still stay on the healthy track! #summerstartsnow

Berries Vodka Soda

1. Look for lower calorie alcoholic drinks.

This point may be obvious, but not all alcoholic drinks are created equal. Some alcoholic drinks are made with syrups, mixers and liqueurs that are PACKED with calories and sugar. It’s these alcoholic drinks that you want to stay farthest away from. When you’re trying to drink on the lighter side, I’d say stay close to dry white wines or champagne. I know some guys feel awkward with champagne, so if you must, try drinking a basic clear alcohol (like vodka or gin) with club soda as a lighter alternative. Here’s a great link that lists off the different caloric content of certain alcoholic drinks. If you feel like you really need to add some sweetness/flavor to your vodka/gin and soda, then go for limes and berries as a lower calorie option.


2. Relish “Round One” & Make “Round Two” Club Soda.

If you’re out with friends while trying to stick to your diet and want to share a drink, my vote would be to make you first round count! Enjoy your lighter alcoholic drink with your friends (sip, toast, etc.). Then when your first drink is done, grab some water. I vote for club soda (with lime!) as your round two drink. I vote club soda instead of tonic water because tonic water is actually pretty high in calories and sodium (and most bars rarely carry diet tonic water!). Club soda is also great because with its carbonation you can easily pass it off as an alcoholic drink- especially for those friends nosey enough to ask you what you’re having! Plus, you’ll be re-hydrating and limiting the risk of the hangover the next day- which is always good if you plan to work out.


3. Avoid Shots.

There’s a lot of “bar wisdom” out there saying that shots are the best thing to drink when you’re on a diet and still want to enjoy alcohol. I get the reasoning- straight alcohol has fewer calories than alcohol mixed into cocktails. Well, I know that this runs counter to everything that people tell you about shots & light drinking but I say STAY AWAY from shots. Here’s my view: shots may be lower in calories than most alcoholic drinks, but shots are also more potent & will get you wasted! And what happens when you’re wasted? Well besides the obvious drunkeness (lol) you’re less likely to make smart decisions about what you’re eating (hello late night burger&fries!) AND you’re less likely to work out the next day (hello hangover!). So while it might seem like a good idea to throw back a few shots to save on calories, think again. 😉 -CFC

** What have you heard about “light drinking”? Do you drink light beers/Skinny Girl brand drinks? What tips do you have for enjoying alcohol while still minding your healthy regimen? **

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7 Responses to 3 Ways to Drink Alcohol & Still Lose Weight (“Summer Starts Now!” Series)

  1. I am obviously a champagne girl. But I try to infuse as much nutrition into my drinks as I do into my food. First step is drinking at home where you have control of the quality and ingredients. I love margaritas but sour mix and simple syrup will never not pass my lips. I sweeten up my Mexican cocktail with fresh pureed mango and habenero for a little kick. You can have a salad with your vodka. Add lime, cucumber, basil and seltzer for a refreshing summer cocktail. Oh now you got me thinking about a blog post about healthy cocktails!

  2. I try to stay away from sugary cocktails unless we’re at a bar well known for their cocktail combinations, in which case I work out more and/or eat less 🙂 Otherwise, wine is my friend when we go out to dinner.

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