Review of Jamie Eason’s LiveFit 12-Week Trainer (Week 7)


Guess who’s back to living that LiveFit life? 😉 I know it’s been a long time coming, but I’m back in the gym and onto Week 7 of LiveFit, as promised! Michele Obama arms, here I come! Wanna hear how it’s been for me?

Repeat Week
Well in the spirit of full disclosure let me say: I did not just jump back into Week 7. I went back and did Week 6 over again! I felt like I needed at least one week of LiveFit where I was just getting accustomed to being back in the gym and lifting heavy weights. During T25, I was at home working out, so I wanted to give myself a long runway to readjust.

Why Is It So Easy To Lose Muscle Mass/Tone?
My repeat of Week 6 was also good for getting the -ahem- lead out. By my second day of lifting I was sore all over like it was Week 1 all over again! Walking and sitting down both had to be taken slow lol- isn’t it crazy how easy it is to lose muscle mass/tone and how hard it is to get it back? My lats, and glutes were dying by midweek and the amount of weight I was lifting had definitely gone down. I will admit, I was feeling a bit discouraged by the fall in numbers but didn’t want to wreck my form by lifting weight that my body couldn’t handle. I will get back to where I was! By the last day of my repeat week the soreness started to subside and my confidence returned. Then it was onward and upward  to week 7!

Here are the highlights and the lowlights of this week:


Making 6 Days/Week Work For Me
So one of my main complaints about Phase 2 (which is Weeks 5-8 of the LiveFit Program) was that the workouts are now 6 days a week. Maybe it was the time away from the program, but I had an epiphany just as I started Week 7- why not make this schedule work for me? I sat down with the Week 7 schedule and mapped it out- it’s 6 days/week but that actually translates to 4 days of weights and cardio and 2 days of weight only leg workouts. The workouts where I have to do BOTH weights and cardio can get pretty long- 1 hr and 15 mins to  1 hr and 30mins so it’s tough for me to do those workouts during the workweek. So I moved around two of the four cardio days to my weekends and moved the other two cardio days to Monday and Friday (with some flexibility for my work schedule). If I know I’m going to have an early meeting at work or a busy day, I’ll move my Legs workout to that morning so that I can get in and out as quickly as possible. So while 6days/wk is still a challenge, I’m learning how to make the workouts fit into my schedule better!

Baby Got Back Squats
So I mentioned in previous reviews that I love love love squats! I know it’s a weird thing to love, but it’s the one move that really shows me how strong my legs (and glutes) are! Plus, I’m kind of secretly hoping that these squats will help keep my booty looking the way I like; after all, I am getting into a wedding dress in August! So I’ve started squatting slightly heavier weight. I’m at 50lbs now and hoping to move up to 55 or 60 in Week 8. I noticed that when I upped the weight, my inner thighs were also particularly sore (which made walking and sitting down even more painful this week!). Plus this week saw the introduction of “Narrow Stance Squats” which are a little bit tougher than your traditional squat. Can’t wait to see my results!

Scream: New Pre-Workout Drink
So the folks at were kind enough to send me a free bottle of “Scream Pre-workout Ignition Mix”. To be clear, Scream isn’t a supplement -it’s not a protein shake or food replacement drink- but it does provide increased energy for workouts! You can learn more about it here. I started using it in my Repeat Week; I want to use it for a few more weeks before I give you my review (and a surprise!) So stay tuned! 😉


The Importance of Workout Gloves
So I’m starting to develop callouses on my hands guys. This is NOT cool. At. All. It’s never happened to me lifting lighter weight, but now that the weight is getting heavier, I’m definitely noticing some chafing on my hands. Imagine my dismay when I found my hands developing callouses on them!! Right now I have two small ones right where my right middle finger and ring finger meet my palm and another one in the same place on my left middle finger. This is no bueno folks! If you’re planning on hitting the weights hardcore but still want to keep those soft femme hands, I suggest investing in some workout gloves. Don’t make my mistake!

New Gym, New Onlookers
So here’s the good news: a NYSC opened up in the building right next door to my apartment! This, my friends, was an absolute game-changer. I now roll out of bed, put on my gym clothes, sometimes brush my teeth and mosie on over to the building next door to work out. Time spent: 8 minutes. #winning The bad news? New onlookers confused by my presence in the weights section. Here’s how the convo went with one of the new personal trainers during my Repeat Week:

Trainer: “Hi there.”
Me: “Hello.” 50lb barbell off rack>
Trainer: “Is this your first time in the gym?”
Me: “No.” <begins to lift bar over head>
Trainer: “I see you’re doing curls. I think that weight may be too heavy.”
Me: “Actually I’m doing squats. Not curls.” barbell on shoulders>
Trainer: “Oh, okay. Well let me spot you.”
Me: “Okay…” <eyeroll>

Okay, so the truth is, I did need someone to spot me. While I can squat 50lbs, my upper body isn’t there (yet!) and I was having trouble getting the bar to rest on my upper back so that I could start the squat movement. So I was annoyed by the interaction, but also couldn’t deny that I needed the help! Maybe it just hurt my ego? (What’s the female version of machismo?) :-p #thethrillsofnewgyms

New Moves Make Me Feel Like A Newbie

So Week 7 brought with it a few new moves that made me feel like I was a newbie all over again. I already mentioned Narrow Stance Squats, but there was also Reverse Crunches, One Leg Barbell Squats, Reverse Flyes and many more. I know that I’ll master these moves soon too, but it always sucks to feel like you’re starting out at square one. I’ll sometimes go on just to check out the videos of the movements to make sure I’m getting the form right. If there’s one thing that fitness teaches you, it’s that there’s always more to learn!

Well that’s all for now! Glad you’re back in this LiveFit game with me! Thanks for keeping me motivated and be sure to tune in for my Week 8 review! 😉 -CFC

(Check out my Week 8 review!)

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5 Responses to Review of Jamie Eason’s LiveFit 12-Week Trainer (Week 7)

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I’m rolling my eyes at the trainer and laughing with you at your explanation of him coming over to you – in BodyPump, when I squat anything over 40 pounds, I have a tough time getting the bar on my back, and especially when I’m going to the max at 55 pounds. There’s a couple of girls in my class who are that way. But oh well, cheers for strong legs/glutes! 🙂

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