Can Your Sports Bra Be Fashionable & Functional?

Michi Sports Bra

Doing tuck jumps in this would definitely cause a scene…

I just stumbled across a very interesting post on Well+Good this morning about “fashion-forward” sports bras. Especially as a woman who is a bit top-heavy, I always vacillate about whether my sports bras can be both fashionable and functional. I mean, I love looking cute at the gym, but I also need support! Here are my quick thoughts on some of the sports bras featured on Well+Good- check them out & then tell me, what matters in your sports bra: fashion, function or both?

1. Barre Bra by Prima Studio

prima barre bra

This bra is for high impact workouts and is made with moisture wicking fabric. I’m suspicious of any sports bras that have a criss-cross v-neck cut- what about when you’re doing plyometrics?

2. So Low Workout BraSolow

This So Low bra looks super cute- but it’s padded! Do you wear padded sports bras? I don’t get the point of padding the bra you’re working out in…open to comments! I’d love this bra to wear as an everyday (without the padding) but for working out, the padding makes it just so-so.

3. CW-X Tempo Support BraCWX

Now here is a bra that’s more my speed! Loving the colors but also that my girls would be completely covered in this one- so no worries about peek-a-boob moments at the gym! My one critique- not in love with the zipper/buttons on the front. I had a bra with this same detailing and it gave me uni-boob!

4. Nike Victory Sports Bra


I could definitely get down with this bra, though I think that this may be on the less fashionable end of the spectrum. Check out the rest of the bras here! -CFC

** What do you think? How much does fashion matter in your sports bra? **


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10 Responses to Can Your Sports Bra Be Fashionable & Functional?

  1. Mandie says:

    Check out Panache’s sports bra. AMAZING!

  2. SKS says:

    Function trumps fashionableness, they’re never coming out from under my t-shirt!! Function includes making sure I have a flattering profile in that t-shirt though, so YES to padding and wires, and that I feel good about myself, so YES to fun cuts and colors as with any bra. LOVE the cutout piece at the top.

    Generally though, standard bikini rules apply – if what you’re wearing around your chest in the park in the summer looks like a bra, it is underwear and needs cover. If there’s something about it that makes it look destined for the beach, it suddenly becomes outerwear, no matter how skimpy.

    So if the sports bra is so sexy that it screams “bra”, t-shirt it is. If it says “workout top”, like #4, it is eminently wearable given the right stomach. But then again, the better one’s shape, the better to get away with anything (maybe short of lace).

    • ChicFitChef says:

      LOL! Love this comment! I think bikini rules should definitely apply- there’s a woman at the gym who wears this pink criss cross bra that’s borderline *bedroom underwear*. I guess because it’s spandex she thinks it’s okay? Um no ma’am!

  3. SKS says:

    Though too much coverage can be bad, too… most memorable sports bra situation at my gym is a woman with a fairly skimpy sports bra, showing off an enormous colorful tattoo covering her whole back with a big dragon. It’s just that the dragon’s head is right underneath the back of her bra. Drives me crazy. I want to see the dragon’s face!! But I can’t tell this woman to take off her bra, can I?

  4. jfgemini says:

    I definitely rank function over fashion , when it comes to sports bras. I need to feel fully supported, and since I’m not the type to wear only a sports bra at the gym, I could care less about how cute it is.
    I do prefer padded bras , as for some reason my headlights are always on once I pick up weights. It’s a little embarrassing actually and the padded bras I do have provide me “protection” in that regard .
    That being said, give me bras 3 & 4 any day. The first bra posted would make a great bikini or peek-a-boo top.

  5. I mostly settle for picking cute colors rather than fashionable work out bras 🙂 I am against padding in general and it bugs me when women overdo it. I am curious about the first one, but without being able to try it on, the Nike one would be my pick too!

  6. Stephanie Rodgers says:

    I definitely think that sports bras can be fashionable and functional. Obviously there not gonna be as nice as fashion bras but you can still look good in my opinion.

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