Review of Jamie Eason’s 12-Week LiveFit Trainer (Week 8; End of Phase 2)


Week 8 marks the last week in Phase 2! Read about the highs and lows of this week after the jump!


I’m Lifting Heavier & Seeing The “Guns”
As planned in Week 7, I decided to use Week 8 to really max out on my weights. The reps for this week were pretty low (8 reps per set was the target), so I decided to really go for it! I squatted 55lbs, used 90lbs on the leg press machine! I maxed out my chest muscles on bench press and used the cable row machine to lift heavy (60lbs) to work my back. I was definitely feeling sore everyday (is that weird?) but also felt really accomplished. If you look back at my Week 1 review I initially set a goal of lifting 20lbs- now I’m at 60lbs?! Muscle up! 😉

Mastering the Schedule

The workouts are still long (1.5hrs on a typical cardio&weights day) but I think I’ve finally mastered rotating the workouts in a way that’s more conducive to my busy work schedule. I did my Leg workouts on Wednesday and Friday (these are the no cardio days) and did the other workouts (Arms&Abs, Back&Rear Delts, Shoulders, Chest&Abs) Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. My rest day was Sunday- and believe me, I was ready for it!

More Energy

It may partially be the pre-workout drink I’m trying out or maybe it’s my body getting more accustomed to the workouts, but I wasn’t feeling the fatigue I felt during my Repeat Week and Week 7. It’s been good to see that my body is starting to adjust and get back into the LiveFit flow (though of course that’s all going to change with Phase 3).


Heavier Weight Means more Soreness
My “soreness cycle” tracked 24-36hrs from the day I trained a specific muscle group. So when I trained Legs on Wednesday, by Friday (maybe even late Thursday night) my quads, glutes and hamstrings were talking to me! This meant that I was perpetually sore all of Week 8 (albeit in different muscles). Kind of sucks to be sore all week. I also find that my soreness especially kicks in at night, making it a little tougher for me to sleep. Any suggestions on how to deal with soreness? How do you let your muscles recover while still sticking to your workout schedule?

Uneven Strength in My Arms
I recently noticed that on certain arm exercises, my right side is stronger than my left and vice versa. So I would get to maybe 6 reps on my right side and be exhausted but still have energy to go for it on my left side! I’ve read that when this is the case you should move down to a weight where both sides can complete the set evenly; you don’t want one muscle to continue to be stronger than the other. Instead of dropping down in weight, I just stopped at the number of reps that my weaker arm could do. I’m hoping that, eventually, the strength on both sides will even out.

Bored with Cardio
The cardio for this week was 30minutes at a moderate intensity on the elliptical machine. Given my experience and love with dynamic, high intensity cardio, I definitely got a bit bored with the same old same on the elliptical machine. I can’t wait for Week 9 when Phase 3 starts and the high intensity cardio/plyometrics get worked in! #fatburncity #pow

Stay tuned to read my Week 9 Review as I get close to the end of this LiveFit journey! -CFC

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My "deserted island" checklist: a BCBG dress, a healthy & diabetic-friendly meal and a few workout DVDs. ;-)
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5 Responses to Review of Jamie Eason’s 12-Week LiveFit Trainer (Week 8; End of Phase 2)

  1. jfgemini says:

    Are you taking a BCAA ? It has helped me tremendously with DOMS. So much so, that even though I increase my weight load, I don’t experience soreness . I’ve just increased my leg press by 50lbs, and have no experienced any significant soreness. Also , make sure you’re stretching properly . Use the foam roller .

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Regarding muscle soreness, do you use a foam roller? It has really helped me. It was insanely painful at first (especially on the IT bands), but now that I’ve been doing it for about a month, my muscles have really lengthened and are more flexible – wins all around! If you don’t foam roll, I would really recommend it. You can get one for about $25.

    • ChicFitChef says:

      I own a foam roll but it’s collecting dust somewhere in my apartment! Such a great idea- you AND jfgemini thought of it so I should give it a shot!

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