Review of Jamie Eason’s 12-Week LiveFit Trainer (Week 10)


Okay guys, this week has probably been the toughest week of the LiveFit program for me yet- I almost quit the program! Want to know why?

Who knew that 10 weeks into LiveFit would be the hardest?! Here are the highlights and lowlights of this week:


Mastering the Moves
Week 10 is a repeat of Week 9 of the program, so it gave me a chance to really perfect the moves. Certain exercises, like one-legged squats, underhand cable pulldowns started to make sense to me. I still feel like I have a ways to go with certain exercises (try doing a set of Plyo Kettle-Bell Pushups and get back to me!), but I definitely felt stronger this week than the last.

Shifting My Rest Day Helped
Remember how I mentioned in Week 7 that I started moving around the sequence of the workouts to adapt to my schedule? Well, one of the personal trainers at my gym -yes, the same guy who spotted me in Week 7– suggested that I take my rest day in the middle of the week instead of at the end. I was skeptical, but I tried it out and was pleasantly surprised! Taking a break on the fourth day of the workout really helped my body rest and recover. That said…


My Personal Life and Workout Life Collided
So this past week was super hectic: (i) one of my besties had a baby shower on Saturday in DC, (ii) my future in-laws visited the following Sunday in CT (with lots of delicious (but not-so-nutritious) home-cooked Jamaican food!) and (iii) I had massive amounts of work during the week. I started the Week 10 workouts last Wednesday, but by the time Monday came around I was already exhausted from personal traveling. Then, to top things off, mother nature came a-calling, so I my energy (and mood) was really really low. So you know what happened? I ended up taking 3 rest days this week. Yes, that’s right THREE. So it took me 10 days to finish Week 10. Definitely no bueno. 😦

Feeling Like I’m Moving Backwards
With everything going on this week and the 3 additional rest days I’d taken, I was really starting to feel discouraged. I even contemplated not finishing LiveFit! You might think that’s crazy given that I’m SO close to finishing, but there’s a part of me that feels like not finishing this program strong is almost worse than not finishing it at all! The pressures of work and personal obligations were beginning to make me feel like working out was another time-suck, another task, instead of something that was for me. So how did I overcome this feeling? Well, I can’t say that I have completely yet. All I could do this week was tell myself: Just get to the gym today and see how you feel. And thankfully that carried me through! It took me 10 days to finish this week, but hey, I finished it! So this week I forced myself to remember that exercise and being healthy is not about being perfect, it’s about pushing yourself to do more than you thought you could.

Well bye bye Week 10! I will NOT miss you! Stay tuned for my second to last LiveFit review! -CFC

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***How do you stay motivated to workout when you’re under stress?***


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4 Responses to Review of Jamie Eason’s 12-Week LiveFit Trainer (Week 10)

  1. Asha says:

    You just have to get to the gym/outdoors. I lay out gym clothes before leaving in a.m. There is a stash of gym clothes, and shoes at work. Also I use calendar reminders on my phone.

    • ChicFitChef says:

      Thanks Asha! This week was just…too much. I woke up every morning dreading work and then eventually started dreading the gym too! I hate when stress from other parts of your life intrudes on your personal life!

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