Final Review of Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Trainer (Final Week & Overall Results/Review)!


It’s time. Check out my final LiveFit review!

Week 12 Highlights & Lowlights

I have to say that I really loved the final week of LiveFit. While the workout was the same as Week 11, it felt like this was the real tipping point in terms of mastering the exercises. The days this week were structured the same as Week 11 (3-4 circuits of 6-7 exercises with no breaks), but because this was the second week of going through the circuit I definitely felt like I knew the moves and could push a bit harder. The very LAST day of LiveFit is a day of 1hour of cardio, so I did an Insanity DVD to mix things up! It was definitely great to end Week 12 on a high note!

The biggest lowlight of Week 12 was -as usual- my stress level! Between work being super busy and wedding planning, my eating and sleeping habits during Week 12 just weren’t where I wanted them to be. That said, I still ended the week -and the program- feeling like a rock star!!! And with that we come to…my results and overall review of the LiveFit Program!!

My Results & My Overall LiveFit Review

I had a great experience doing the LiveFit Program. Here are my results!

Start / Finish:
Weight: 127 / 125.8
Waist: 29 /28
Low waist: 32.5 / 31.5
Hips: 39 / 38
Bust: 35.5 / 34.5
Thighs: 22 / 22.5
Biceps: 10 / 11.5 ( 😀 )

Several inches lost all around, but a few inches gained- namely in my arms!! I’m really proud to see the progress in my upper body because that’s where I struggle most. Here are my thoughts on the LiveFit program overall (Pros vs. Cons) & my tips/thoughts for anyone considering doing it:


  • Mastering Weights: I think LiveFit is a great program for anyone looking to get more comfortable in the weight room. Throughout the program I was forced to learn how to use different types of gym equipment and let go of the ways in which weight training intimidated me. If you’re someone who is looking for a new weight-training challenge; this is it!
  • Real Muscle Gain & Fat Burn: While my weight hasn’t changed much during the program I’ve lost inches and definitely feel like my clothes fit better! So I know that I’ve lost some body fat and gained some muscle which was another one of my goals! If you’re already fit (particularly from cardio) and are looking for a new way to burn fat/flab- LiveFit will get you there.
  • Setting Your Own Goals: One thing that I loved about LiveFit is that it gave me an opportunity to push my body in new ways and to set my own goals- lifting more and chronicling my progress each week, mastering supersets & drop sets- it was all up to ME! Weight training is about goal setting & discipline and I think LiveFit provides a wonderful introduction to building those fitness attributes. So I think this program would be good for someone who is fit but wants to create their own framework for fitness.


  • Time & Patience! The biggest con I found for this program is the time commitment involved. I found that the time demands of the program -especially in Phase 2- were pretty tough; I think the challenge with this program is finding the 1.5hrs (closer to 2hrs if you’re still figuring the moves out) that are required to get through the workouts each week. I think anyone who is looking to commit to this program needs to be fully aware of how much time the program will require and schedule accordingly! Another factor about “time” is that the program can have varied effects on your body weight; in Phase 1 I gained weight throughout, in Phase 2 I gained then lost then gained then lost again and in Phase 3 I lost weight. I think, at least for my body, that the mix of cardio and weight training made my weight fluctuate a lot which sometimes freaked me out! So if you’re thinking about doing LiveFit, you have to take a long view of your weight/ progress & be patient- the scale may move up while your measurements move down, or vice versa!
  • Proper Form to Avoid Injury: One thing I think is important to keep in mind with LiveFit is the possibility of injury when working with weights. While the program is doable at any level, I think it was really hard for me to know at times -especially in the beginning of the program- if I had proper form and was doing the exercises effectively. I think that could do more with mobile fitness apps to improve this aspect of the program, but until they do, I would advise anyone trying LiveFit to take each exercise slow and (if possible) check out the videos of each exercise on the day before the workout so you know what you should be doing.
  • Bad Eating Habits & Lifting = No Bueno: One last obvious but important con to this program is that, depending on your body type, diet is even MORE important while doing LiveFit. I found that weight-training really elevated my appetite- far more than the high-intensity cardio I was used to. So I noticed that when I wasn’t on my game with my eating and I was lifting, I gained weight. This was especially the case for me in Phase 2 of the program and it was sometimes a bit discouraging. I think when it comes to cardio I have more wiggle room to eat poorly and still lose weight/maintain, but when I was lifting there was less room for error! So if you’re thinking about trying LiveFit, definitely be prepared to stick to a strict food regimen (especially if you’re trying to lose weight).

Well that’s all folks! Thanks for following me on this 12-week journey! Shaun-T’s T25 will be coming out soon so maybe that will be my next repeat workout? 😉 Stay tuned!




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12 Responses to Final Review of Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Trainer (Final Week & Overall Results/Review)!

  1. Lauren says:

    This is a great review. I feel like it is so difficult to stay disciplined with food when I work-out 5-6 times a week like I have been doing with the Insanity program. I think part of that for me is the lack of planning, though!

    • ChicFitChef says:

      You’re not the only one Lauren! I think food is the tipping factor in just how successful you will be with any fitness program. Maybe I should do a diet review on the blog? Hopefully people reading this will let me know if there would there be any interest in that!

  2. Pingback: Review of Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer (Week 11 Review) | ChicFitChef™

  3. I’m currently waiting on T25 myself, in fact should be shipping in the next couple of days. It’s hard not to love Shaun T, and a great review on Live Fit.

  4. jfgemini says:

    I full agree with you on the diet portion. With lifting, if your goal is to lose weight, you have very little room for error with your diet. I’ve spent the last few weeks , trying to ignore the weight gain and focus more in my muscle development. I’m more than ready to go into the shredding phase now.
    I’m glad you received your desired results.

    • ChicFitChef says:

      It’s tough sticking to a strict diet when lifting because my appetite goes WAY up! I’m just glad I was able to lose a little bit overall because, truth be told, my eating during LiveFit could have been better. Glad you’re seeing muscle development!

  5. MC says:

    Question regarding the diet : did you allow yourself a cheat meal once a week? I just started the Live Fit program and I heard it’s good to have a cheat meal, so your body does not get use to the diet.

    • ChicFitChef says:

      Hey MC! I didn’t give myself a cheat meal once a week, but I wasn’t on the strictest diet when I did the program, which I think was a mistake. I’m not the biggest fan of cheat meals, only because your diet should be fulfilling enough that you don’t need one! Have you tried just generally upping your calories? I find that if I add 200-300 more calories to my diet with a healthy snack, I’m generally okay and don’t feel the need to cheat. Let me know what you think! -CFC

  6. Hey Helen, found your blog after googling for info on the Live Fit Trainer. I heard about it last year and am on the fence about trying it. I think the biggest hurdle will be the eating plan for me — prepping everything and then strictly staying on point. I know eating clean is huge part of going from being fit to actually looking fit (no layer of blubber over the muscles). We’ll see. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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