3 Ways Your Body Changes After Age 30 (and How to Deal)


I will be turning 30 in 9 days. NINE DAYS!! ::gasp::  I hear so much about how 30 is “over the hill” and the ways in which our bodies change. What have you heard? Here’s a short list of three things that happen to your body when you leave your 20s behind:

jump rope

1. Loss of Lean Muscle & Increase in Body Fat (Solution: Hit Those Weights!)

This has got to be the scariest thing that I’ve heard about turning 30. Word on the street is that after you hit the big 3-0, your body starts to lose lean tissue and retain body fat! This is all the more reason to hit those weights to retain/build muscle and to watch your eating!

English: An osteoporotic elderly women in Japan.

2. Decreased Bone Density (Solution: Up Your Calcium!)

I’m sure many women readers out there have heard about the dangers of osteoporosis. But osteoporosis is an issue for both men and women! As we age, and especially starting in our 30s, our bones start to thin losing mass over time and become stiff & fragile. The best way to combat this? Up your calcium intake! And also hit the gym- studies show that weight bearing exercises can help prevent bone density loss.

Mitral Regurgitation scheme

3. Changes In Your Cardiovascular System (Solution: Watch Your Diet More Closely!)

As we get older our arteries and blood vessels start to narrow and stiffen, eventually leading to high blood pressure and heart disease. With our bodies becoming more vulnerable to these diseases, your diet becomes MUCH more important! So put down that fried chicken wings/battered piece of fish and go with light grilled proteins and leafy greens. Turning 30 doesn’t mean you can’t indulge every once in a while but do so with care! -CFC

** Have you noticed any changes in your body since turning 30? 40? What has surprised you most? **


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My "deserted island" checklist: a BCBG dress, a healthy & diabetic-friendly meal and a few workout DVDs. ;-)
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4 Responses to 3 Ways Your Body Changes After Age 30 (and How to Deal)

  1. Priscilla says:

    UGH. How could I possibly store MORE fat? Thanks for the tips. I refuse to say I’m 30. I’m simply 29 + 21 days. I plan on being 29 for a good 10 years.

  2. Andria says:

    I will be 34 in a few weeks, and I can honestly say that it has not been any harder in my thirties than in my twenties. Losing weight is equally difficult for me, it still requires hard work and discipline. Mentally and emotionally I feel stronger than I did in my twenties. I worry much less about what others think and feel more secure in my relationships with others. 30 really is just a number, and is whatever we make of it. That being said, I hope I still feel the same way when 40 comes around. 🙂 Enjoy 30, it’s really not that bad.

    • ChicFitChef says:

      Sorry for the late reply Andria! I think you’re absolutely right- 30 really is just a number. I’m a little jealous that weight loss/maintenance hasn’t been any harder for you in your thirties; fingers crossed that my 30s are just as kind!

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