5 Things I Learned from My 20s (CFC Opinion)

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One guess as to who I’m staring at…

I turned 30 just under two weeks ago, but for some reason my mind keeps coming back to my 20s with feelings of nostalgia! So, since it’s been on my mind (and I haven’t posted in ages), I thought I’d do a quick post on just 5 things my 20s taught me- some fitness-related, some just life-related. Hope you’ll read on and share your “20s revelations”!

1. Exercise/being healthy makes you powerful. 
Okay so this one is pretty obvious- I started this blog in my 20s! When I first started working out (in my early 20s) it was really about looking good in a dress, for an event, etc. It wasn’t about me really, it was more about how I wanted others to see me. It wasn’t until I finished college and law school that I started to realize that exercising can give you so much more than a cute figure- it can give you confidence! There’s nothing like that mind over matter moment when you run longer, lift heavier and push harder than you thought you could! Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy the cute dress benefits, but it’s the feeling good about myself through fitness that was perhaps my biggest 20s revelation. Will definitely be carrying this into my 30s.

2. You really don’t have to be perfect.
There’s something about your 20s that is so anxiety-producing; you’re figuring out your career, your personal life, developing and evaluating friendships & just growing into adulthood. There were moments in my 20s when I was pissed at myself for making mistakes or for being unsure of a decision. But when the clock struck 12  and I turned 30, I didn’t magically have it all figured out. I wasn’t suddenly all-knowing. My 20s taught me that all that angst and uncertainty about not being perfect is truly unnecessary! The point isn’t to be perfect, the point is know how to deal with (and learn from) your imperfections.

3. Create a part of your life that’s just yours. It’s important!
Creating this blog and dedicating myself to health and fitness has become like a little sanctuary to me. It’s given me a space to be creative and thoughtful about the things that I’m the most interested in. My twenties was my time to explore what my “secret life” would be because it was a time where I explored my interests. I guess this part of my life isn’t really a “secret” anymore (lol), but the point still remains- creating a space for yourself that’s just for you can really make you a happier person.

4. Take (calculated) risks. You’ll be okay!
When I saw a Facebook post on the Insanity fan page for casting of a new test group, my initial thought was “Sounds awesome, but no way am I getting in front of a camera in a bikini!” Then something told me that I should just try for it, despite the bikini angst, because it would be such an awesome opportunity. It was terrifying, feeling that exposed, but now, over a year after being picked for the T25 test group, I’ve met and worked out with Shaun-T (ahhh!), become part of a worldwide fitness DVD promo and (most importantly) made some amazing (fitness) friends along the way. If you always say no, you’ll never know what could happen if you said yes!

5. Friends can become family- if you let them.
My twenties taught me that friendships are fluid. They can grow into more than you thought they could- but only if you let them.  Learning to rely on others for support, whether it’s to challenge you to stay committed to your goals or it’s to help pick you up when you’re down, is something I started learning to do in my 20s. And I’ve picked up some amazing friends along the way and perhaps the closest friend in my life, my future husband. (See? Friends literally can become family!) 😉 -CFC

*What did your twenties teach you? What are you learning in your twenties?*


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5 Responses to 5 Things I Learned from My 20s (CFC Opinion)

  1. IW says:

    I love number 4! Now I know that if something related to my passions terrifies me, it probably means I should do it.

  2. Tom says:

    Great insights. As I am entering my later 30s, I look back on my 20s as a time when I should have been more focused on fitness goals… mostly because I didn’t have 3 kids keeping me so busy back then 🙂

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