CFC Insanity Asylum Winner Workout Results (w/ PHOTOS!)

winner photo kronickbeatz

Winner of the set!

What better way to end my wedding-induced blog hiatus than with some inspirational workout results?!!! Many thanks to the Asylum winner for sending!! 🙂

Remember the winner of the Insanity Asylum “Summer Starts Now” DVD giveaway? It was kronickbeatz! On why he wants to enter the Asylum, kronickbeatz wrote:

“I would like to get a copy of asylum pt 1 and 2 because I want to be fit not only for myself but for my wife and kids. Me and my wife are getting married in august this year so this will help us to be in the best shape ever for our big day. I am on my second round of insanity and because im from london in the Uk im finding it difficult to find asylum part 2, iv checked all sites and amazon only sells part 1 which is very sad.. good luck guys”

Well now kronickbeatz has finished Asylum & he’s sharing his results with us! Here are the pics!!


BEFORE ENTERING THE ASYLUM: 250lbs / 33% body fat

after photo kronickbeatz

AFTER ENTERING THE ASYLUM: 235lbs / 24% body fat!

FINAL RESULTS: 15lbs lost and down 9% in body fat!! Way to go kronickbeatz!

Thanks to kronickbeatz for sharing his results with us! Let’s all get motivated for a Fit Fall!! 😉




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My "deserted island" checklist: a BCBG dress, a healthy & diabetic-friendly meal and a few workout DVDs. ;-)
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3 Responses to CFC Insanity Asylum Winner Workout Results (w/ PHOTOS!)

  1. this is inspiring! I am actually trying to figure out how to revamp my workouts to get a more CA appropriate body after I move to LA at the end of this month since running can only do so much :-/

  2. Heather @ pass the dressing says:


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