CLOSED: Enter NOW to Win a T25 DVD Set!!! (CFC Workout Giveaway)


Want to try out Shaun-T’s newest workout: Focus T25?!!

Well here’s your chance:  Enter the CFC T25 DVD set giveaway! Here’s how to enter:


1. Comment to this post saying why you want to win a T25 DVD set!! 

2. If you haven’t already, like CFC on Twitter (here) and on Facebook (here)!

(BONUS: It’s not required, but extra consideration will be given to entrants who provide “Before” pictures to!!)

No new entries to the giveaway will be accepted after Sept. 4th, so don’t delay! If you want more info on T25, check out the T25 infomercial here (and see if you can spot me 😉 )!

Good luck guys!!!


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231 Responses to CLOSED: Enter NOW to Win a T25 DVD Set!!! (CFC Workout Giveaway)

  1. Yaneris Rosa says:

    I would like to try this new work out after seeing the great results you (Helen) had!! 🙂

  2. Emily says:

    I was in the best shape of my life doing p90x and insanity before I got pregnant. Now being a mom of a one week old and having to go back to work soon. I am excited to try t25!!!

  3. Sheryl B. says:

    I really, really, really want this!!! I’m a busy gal and working out for 25 minutes a day with the master, Shaun T, would be a dream come true!! I’ve seen people get great results from this program and I want to be one of those people, too. I have about 10 pounds to lose and I have no doubt T25 will get me there! Really hope to win this awesome program!!!! I like CFC on Facebook and Twitter.

  4. I’ve heard great things about T25 and would be thrilled to win this program. I’m a busy gal, with working full-time and my family. It would be a dream come true to workout HARD for 25 minutes a day with the one and only Shaun T and lose these last 10 pounds and tone up. I like CFC on Twitter and Facebook. My name on Twitter is FullHouseFan77. Really hoping that I’m the lucky winner!!! Thanks so much for doing this giveaway!

  5. Christina Miller says:

    I loved “Insanity,” so I really want to see what craziness, fun, and sweatiness Shaun T can squeeze into 25 minutes! 🙂

  6. Priscilla says:

    I would like to try this because I desperately need to do something before I really “fall off the wagon.” With the move, a new (corporate job–jesus, you folks really don’t ever make it home) and a new business, I’m simply ignoring my workout routine. I need something that will challenge me and I can do from home.

  7. Melissa Champion says:

    I WOULD LOVE to win this!! LOVE Shaun T. I would like to do a program that I can do while my husband is away for military training and WOW him on his return!! 🙂

  8. Rick Plante says:

    I have completed Insanity twice already and would love an opportunity for the next challenge!!!

  9. I would like to win a T25 DVD set so I can encourage my mom (she is 58) to work out!:)

  10. Sherry Shephard says:

    I would love to win T25. After just having my 3rd baby, plus school and a full time job, I definitely don’t have the time for hour workouts anymore. I want to see what 25 minutes could do for me.

  11. Megan Schroeder says:

    I would LOVE to win Shaun T’s new Focus T25! I have been doing Insanity for almost a year now, and I am looking for something new and exciting! I also travel A LOT in the fall for my job, so it would be nice to stay in shape during my busy travel season with a 25 minute workout 🙂

  12. Michelle says:

    I need a new routine to reve up my fitness/workouts that I’m doing currently I feel like I hit a wall and I’m not seeing the results I once was…. =D

  13. Jacob Belknap says:

    I would love to add this to my collection of workout programs! I’m huge into Insanity and The Asylum and this new 25 minute workout would defiantly help me out during football season when I can’t fit in a full 40-60 minute Insanity workout!

  14. Brianne Pascariello says:

    I want and need this workout!!!!!

  15. I was looking forward to doing Focus T25 with my fiance. I have been doing a mix of insanity programs from the last year and have been so excited to try the new T25. It will be great for us both especially because his usual excuse for not working out is that he has no time! I think this work out if perfect for him to get into the habit of working out and enjoying it! 🙂

  16. Heather says:

    This would be great to win! I still have some fat to lose around my belly area and have seen so many great results with this program! Shaun T is an incredible trainer! I also know my husband would love this, too!

  17. Jolene says:

    I want to win T25 dvd set

  18. Casey L. says:

    Would love to win this! I have quite a bit of weight to lose so having this would definitely help move along the process with the convenience of working out at home!

  19. Tracey Randall says:

    I want to win aT25 DVD set to add to my collection! Shaun T kicked butt in Insanity and Asylum waiting for more fun with Shaun T.

  20. Lauren Kilpatrick says:

    I would love and need the t25…im a busy mom to a 3 year old and its all i can do to get up and make coffee and drink it without her running around wanting or getting into something..I need a short quick workout so i can get it done and have the energy to keep up with her!!! PLEASE

  21. moraima says:

    I need to prove my self that yes I can …yes I can have a sculpt body as everyone else, at my 49 yrs. old….

  22. Eve says:

    I’m a single, busy mom with little time to work out, but even I can do 25 minutes a day! Bikini bod or bust!

  23. I am stuck! I love Shaun T and have a few of his sets, including Hips Hop Abs and Rockin’ Body, but I need MORE intensity! Help me get over the hump and get to my best self EVER!!! I’m 39 with a college freshman to deal with, so money is at a premium. I can’t afford to focus on me right now, financially. This would be an incredible gift! Thanks!

  24. Terry Broske says:

    I would love to win T25. I have seen friends get results from Insanity but find the time committment too overwhelming.

  25. Denis says:

    Well I am already doing T 25 , but I would like to be the first one from Slovenia to actually have a T 25 kit 🙂

  26. Alicia says:

    Would love a copy of T25! Who wouldn’t love a Shaun T 25 minute full body workout?! Thanks

  27. Amber Williamson says:

    I love this man! I love how he makes me sweat and it helps that he is sexy as hell!!! I would love to win this program so I can keep him in my life and dig deeper in another program!

  28. Leslie S says:

    I have been doing another Beachbody workout since January and need a change of pace. I’ve lost almost 30#, but need to lose another 20 or so to be in good shape. I feel I’m at a stand still and need something different. I feel I have been KILLING myself with and hour or 2 workouts to not much results. Going to email you a before of me now and hoping you’ll pick me to win so I can try to have results like you! It’s awesome how you did!

  29. kimberly sylvas says:

    All my life I was an obese individual.. after my first child, I was lazy insecure with no sense of direction and to add to kit had severe health issues with graves disease and heart issues and weight issues that if I didn’t make a change I would’ve just faced death. Ever since I incorporated a healthy lifestyle not only am I healthy, but I also gained many years to my life and with two kids now, I stand at 130lbs which is half the weight I used to be. I am saying I know I deserve it but its more for my children and husband because not only is it less time but I will be able to keep that same energy with this program. I have insanity and insanity asylum deluxe versions and I would love to add variety to keep my life in a healthy manner so I can continue to live healthy and longer for my gorgeous and beautiful family!!!! Please help make this possible for me!!

  30. PennyLee Gitkos says:

    I would like this to get fit and I am trying to lose the weight because I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol and at the age of 40 already had a mini stroke and need to be around for my 15 year old son.

  31. gloria says:

    Would love to try T25 after seeing your amazing results!!!

  32. Lindsay says:

    Id love to start T25 – I am a stay at home mom to two beautiful children age 3 and 11 months. I am also a military wife that is preparing for a deployment. I dont have a lot of time to dedicate to working out so what we have done as a family is changed the way we eat in an effort to be more healthy and teach our kids good eating habits! I just dont have the time to make it to the gym with 2 kids and my husband working long hours…and when he deploys it will be impossible! Id love to be able to do something in the mornings before my kids wake or in the evening after they fall asleep – Im determined to start this program and to win the set will make it that much sweeter! Thank you!!!

  33. Jennifer says:

    It would mean the world for me to win this, I had bought insanity a couple months before falling pregnant with my second daughter and I tried sooo hard to keep up with insanity but working full time with a 3 year old and an 8 1/2 month old it isn’t happening. Dieting alone is just making me gain weight. I have 25 minutes a day but 45 is way too much right now, especially since I plan on going back to school. I gained 50lbs while pregnant, I lost 20 and need to still lose 40 to get to where I want to be. I can’t afford to buy the program. Please pick me I have horrible luck and never win anything.

  34. I am an Insanity workout lover, but now my life is kind of complicated. I used to make my Insanity workout every night but with my new responsabilities is completely insane. My girls go to school at 7:00 am and I get out to my job at 8:00, so what I will like to do is, take my 25 minutes of T25 and then go out to my office. This will be just perfect for me. so Please, please, please….

  35. Katherine says:

    I was gifted Insanity and had great results. But lost the motivation to keep up with it because of the time commitment. It would be nice to get back into a workout routine that I can actually commit to with my hectic schedule!

  36. I am a busy mom who runs 2 small business and I have 2 small children as well – T25 Focus looks like the perfect workout for someone like me!! I would LOVE to win 🙂

  37. Tamara says:

    I would LOVE to win the T25………..My husband and I did one round of P90x together……loved the results.Would love to win this for us to tackle together.I like the fact that it will be a little less time commitment!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Brittney says:

    As Shaun T would say, “I wanna look gooooooood.”

  39. Amanda Mastracco says:

    Hi Helen! I would like to win this because I already have insanity (which I love!) but w/ 5 kids, could REALLY use a 25 min workout like T25! Not to mention w/ 5 kids I’m a little strapped for cash to purchase it. I’m definitely all about a short intense workout! And by seeing your results, it makes me even more excited! Lol.

  40. Cindy says:

    I would be honor to to the focus t25 workout. With my busy schedule of working and being a new grandma this would be perfect for me. Plus the amazing result!

  41. Laura L says:

    After having two babies back to back, I’ve been struggling to get to my normal pre pregnancy weight and im not comfortable with the way i look. I’ve tried multiple programs and they just don’t fit in my schedule, 25 minutes a day..sounds like a dream! And with Shaun t is just a plus! Maybe it’ll motivate my husband too!

  42. Michelle Reynoso says:

    Hey! Thank you more giving me a chance for winning Focus T25. I was actually thinking of buying it for my 21st birthday that is coming up in September so it would be even better if I got to Win it! I’ve struggled with my weight all my life and now between school and work I barely have time to workout so this would be great to finally help me achieve the body I’ve always wanted 🙂

    • Michelle Reynoso says:

      I liked you on Facebook and Pinterest instead because I don’t have a twitter so I hope I can still participate in the contest.

  43. I would love to win this workout I have heard so many good things about it and I know it has to be good since Shaun T created it I am finshing up Chalean Extreme and would love to do Focus T25 I have done insanity and I am looking into getting certified If I win I would be so greatfull.

  44. Ivey Garcia says:

    I used insanity to get fit and I was looking awesome!!!…. Then I got preggo and due with my first (any day now) I know that when the dr says go I wanna work hard and get fit!! However with a new baby I know time will be a factor and insanity is just to long which is why I want T25!!! 25 min a day for Shaun T to whip me back into shape!!

  45. Jessica M says:

    I would love this! I still have some toning/weight loss after finishing Insanity and after years of fertility treatments I need my body back. Plus 25 minutes is doable with a 2 year old, and I have the motivation!

  46. blogginglady says:

    My husband and I did one round of P90x and we loved the results.Would love for us to tackle T25 together.The shorter time duration sounds perfect for us!!

  47. Jon Rife says:

    I just finished Insanity and want to go right into T25. I want to get in the best shape of my life! Plus Shaun T is Banana”s YO!

  48. Corie Nelson says:

    I would love to win the T25 set because I know I can find 25 minutes in everyday to work out! I have just started my fitness journey and finding time is hard. I want something that will show the results.

  49. Kathryn says:

    I definitely want to try this out! I love all the intense Beachbody workouts!

  50. Amber garner says:

    I’m a single mother of three beautiful kids with very little time to workout. I’d love to get back in shape and have more energy to participate in my children’s activities more. Your results are amazing and make me believe that if you stick to it and push through it, it is possible!

  51. alexandra c. says:

    I am so ashamed of how I look after having 2 children. I have no more excuses for the extra weight and the un toned body. I want it back and I want to feel confident in my clothes and in my body again! You had such wonderful results! Thank you for this chance =) I will email you my before pictures.

  52. andria says:

    Would love to get T25, I have done the insanity work out and fell in love. After hearing different people’s results I would love to take on this challange.

  53. Jamie says:

    I lost all the baby weight after I had my son 18 months ago. Was trim and fit when I got pregnant again a few months back. I sadly lost the pregnancy at 14 weeks. I of course gained weight during those weeks. Not a lot but enough. I need something to boost my oomph when it comes to working out after all of this. I think T25 is just the kick in the pants I need.

  54. Kari says:

    I would love to win T25……I am a busy mom to a 3 and 5 year old and would love a fast and effective workout like T25. I have seen the results and heard the reviews and think that it would be the perfect workout for me.

  55. Elaine Conner says:

    I want to do T25 because I don’t have time in my day to do the other workouts. 25 minutes 5 days a week I can do that. I did insanity and loved it but then I stopped working out and got lazy. I want to be able to get back into the groove of things again.

  56. Julie says:

    I really want to try this workout! Just turned 45, and while I’m a little afraid it might kill me, I still want to try it!

  57. Melinda Bejarano says:

    I want to win! In HS I was 180 lbs that was in 1991. Now after 2 boys and 2 c sections I am 100lbs. Insanity changed my life last year it was the only at home program I ever completed. Now with a hectic after work schedule Focus T25 is just what I need. Just 25 minutes of hardcore cardio is what I wish for.

  58. Karin says:

    I have done 2 rounds of Insanity and would love to do T25

  59. Meaghan says:

    I would love to win this! I’ve done Insanity on and off for months, but with having a 4 yr old, 2 1/2 yr old, and 1 yr. old it is really hard to get that hour in 6 days a week. T25 is just what this momma needs to get in her workout and still devote that time to my babies! Plus I need to be healthy for them as well!

  60. Allison Stocks says:

    I love Insanity and anything with Shaun T. Is always an amazing workout. I would love to win this to continue working towards my goal of being healthy and getting in shape.

  61. Colleen Lees says:

    I would love to win T25. I love Shaun T and the energy he brings. I’m in nursing school & will graduate in May. I wish I had the time to do Insanity, but I cannot commit to that much time. I also think it will be a great stress reliever & distraction from the perils of nursing school & clinical rotations. I don’t want to be a fat nurse, I want to be healthy and portray that healthiness to my future patients.

  62. Djuna Bacud says:

    I would love to win T25. I am currently doing the Insanity Challenge and I am feeling great with it! I have my daughter as my exercise buddy. After Insanity….T25 here we come!!!

  63. I’ve been through insanity and can’t wait to check out Focus T25! I have a lot of improving to do and lota of time restraints. I feel like thos would be an amazing opportunity to an additional workout to my schedule. Thanks for considering me! 🙂 Hope to hear from you soon!

  64. Eric B. says:

    Me Me!!! Shaun T is the MAN!!

  65. Brandy says:

    I actually am already doing T25 but I would love to win this for a friend who can’t afford it right now!

  66. Gloria says:

    I would LOVE to have T25..I did two rounds of insanity and 1 of hip hop abs and loved them…plus lost 15 lbs and 21.5 inches…still have 45 lbs to go and T25 just is not in the budget 😦

  67. Stephanie says:

    My husband and I so desperately want to get our hands on T25. He works full time on top of trying to finish his bachelors (debt-free!). After having three children in three years, my body needs a lot of help to “bounce back.” We tried P90X but with work, school, and family commitments, we couldn’t carve out the time to finish a workout. T25 seems like the perfect platform to get us both where we need to be in order to keep up with life. =)

  68. Emma Gordon says:

    I’d love to win T25 as I have now completed the Insanity and am feeling more inspired. Time is also not on my side with work and little one

  69. Ana Cristina Barton says:

    I would love to win T 25 , to be a testimony to my children that it’s never to late to get healthy, that you don’t need hours or even a gym membership to get in shape.

  70. Jessica says:

    I want to win T25 because of the results shown in the infomercial. Plus, I love Shaun T and have Insanity and Hip Hop Abs. Plus, I am finishing the Insanity program on Saturday!!

  71. Virginia Forrest says:

    I would love to win T25 because yes I want to lose weight and get fit but also it will give me something to do to keep my mind off the fact my husband is leaving soon for a 8 month deployment on his navy ship. I have lost weight last year and it has come to a stand still and I thin t25 would be the perfect fit for me.

    • Virginia Forrest says:

      I would also like to add that when my husband gets back from deployment we are going to renew our vows after being married for 14 years and I want to be smokin hot for my pictures in my first wedding dress ever. 🙂


  72. Lizeth Roblesl says:

    I want this kit because I want to get back in shape after having my baby. I have used other beachbody products and know that they work. I love Shaun T’s Insanity workout and if don’t get this kit will still use it however, Focus T25 is my first choice due to the timely workouts. 25 minute workouts with a new born are most convenient rather than 45-60 minute workouts.

  73. Vincent Myers says:

    I see friends getting great results. I want a piece of the success!

  74. Gab says:

    I did Insanity three times as a stay-at-home mom. Now I’ve been back at work for three weeks and I haven’t worked out once! Between work and spending quality time with my daughter, I’m struggling to find the time for my workouts, and it is effecting my mental and physical well-being. I think Focus T25 is exactly what I need in my life!

  75. I would like to do this program because i have been seeing amazing results. I.have lost.206 lbs and i want to shred and rip up. Also my.wife wants to lose and tone. This i know being a mother of 3 she dont have alot of time.

  76. Michelle says:

    I’m in full time college and full time work I find myself struggling to fit In a workout but I am willing to try t25 to the end when I can afford it

  77. Erika M. says:

    I would love to win the T25 kit because I know theres no other workout like this one. A 25 minute workout that actually works??? THATS AMAZING! I mean, look at your before and after! THEY’RE AMAZING! and I would love to be part of that!

  78. Jennifer DiVincenzo says:

    Me! Me! I’m a single mom and my son is back in school. Between all his activities I’m not sure when I’ll get to the gym. This would be perfect!

  79. Tarah C. says:

    I would really love to win the T25 DVD set! I am ready to get this body in shape!!

    • Tarah C. says:

      I forgot to write why:) I am going to be 40 in November and I really want to be in the best shape of my life! I have a 4 year old so time is very limited! I think the T25 DVD set is just what I need to help me to reach my goal!! Thank you for the chance:)

  80. Stacey says:

    I want to win because I want to be in my best shape ever by the time I turn 40!!

  81. Tammara Smith says:

    I’m a Shaun t addict!!!!! I never exercised until I started insanity. I’m now on round 2 because I wanted more after I completed my 60 day.

  82. Kenia H says:

    I am a busy student that attends a military college. So the time frame of these workouts is almost perfect and very convenient for my lifestyle. I did Insanity and got pretty great results. It propelled me onto a new fitness journey, and I was able to lose 13 pounds using the program. I am going to begin the process of attending Officer Candidate School this year to become an officer in the U.S. Army after I graduate in 2014. So I would love to continue with myself improvement, and getting in the best shape I possibly can to reach that goal. And I see this program as being very beneficial towards achieving that.

  83. Todd Hoagland says:

    I would love T25 and to see what Shaun T programs are all about. I want to wow my doctor next time I walk in his office after shedding a few pounds, lower cholesterol and lower blood sugar numbers.

  84. I would like the T25 so I can get in an intense workout in less time than it takes my two year old to discover I’ve left the room

  85. HannahV says:

    I would absolutely love to try the T25, but winning it would be amazing! I had always had been fit most of my life but fell off the bandwagon the past couple years. I really miss intense workouts, but find it really hard to get that out of a gym or even class for that matter, especially with my schedule. My girlfriends and I were thinking about having a workout night were we would all do a video workout in my basement, and I think T25 would be perfect to use!

  86. Amanda says:

    I would love to win this bc I’ve tried insanity and know the products are amazing. I got really sick after doing insanity and need to get back into shape so I can successfully compete in the Spartan Sprint coming up!

  87. caroline porte says:

    I would like the focus t25 as ive already got insanity, asylum and hip hop abs! I love them all and often do 2 of them at a time! Having t25 will be the icing to my collection as it is unavailable to buy here in the uk!! I am shaun t’s biggest fan I follow him on facebook twitter and instagram and believe he is such a good role model for everyone who wants to get fit and healthy!!

  88. Michelle says:

    I would love to win T25! I’ve been dragging on getting back into shape and I think this would be just the thing to kick me into gear.

  89. Jesse Feragen says:

    I would love this!! I went through Insanity at the beginning of last year and absolutely loved it. I had to quit doing it as hard because I found out I was pregnant. T25 would be perfect for me to lose my baby weight! 25 minutes a day is a lot easier to accomplish with a newborn than the 40-60 minutes that Insanity requires.

  90. Jessica Abrams says:

    I am a mom of 3 boys 5, 2 , and 1 yrs old I would love to win the T25 workout program because 25 mintues would be much easier to fit into my busy life as opposed to 45 minutes for other programs. I gained alot of weight after my last child so far I’ve lost 30lbs this year and would like to keep it off using T25.
    I have a ways to go to being pre 3 kids plus the extra energy I would have after working out to T25 would be a huge bonus. Thank you for the chance to win. Will email before pics.

  91. Patsy says:

    I need something that shows results and gets me excited about trying to get back in shape.

  92. Heather says:

    I want T25 soooo bad! I know it will work for me. I’m a busy mom and love Shaun T!

  93. Sabrina Torres says:

    I would like the T25 because it will help me achieve my fitness/weight loss goal faster….I am a stay at home mom & when the kids are home, I cannot go to the gym…. this would give me an opportunity to still workout with them here at home…

  94. Noemi Garces says:

    I would love to win a copy of Focus T25 because I want to be above all “HEALTHY”! I made a promise to myself last year that I would do everything to change that. I have managed to loose 30 lbs by eating healthy and exercising. I hit a plateau and for months haven’t seen results. I need something that will take me to the next level in all my attempts. I have seen some inches return but I don’t want to get discouraged and give up. I have never kept to a healthy lifestyle as I have now & I am still determined. I have always struggled with weight loss all my life and was just the “pretty face” to people, so I am definitely sick and tired of being sick and tired. I do not want to allow genetics to rule over my life, I want to change that on my own. I still have another 60-70 lbs to loose to be at a healthy point in my life. After seeing the reviews and comments and stories for Focus T25 I know I can do this too & I just want my own success story!

  95. Lindsay says:

    I would love to win this. It is a time and money thing for me. Which it is pry for a lot of people. With 4 kids (2yr old twins) an amazing husband and a full time job with call..I’m crazy busy.. and I have let myself go and its devastating to myself. I’ve wanted this from the time I heard he was making 25 min workouts..we just can’t justify it financially right now. Oh and I also have a wedding dress to fit into for my brothers wedding in Jan..that my SIL picked up for me that’s too small right now..yikes!

  96. Veronica Serafin says:

    I am really excited about T25 and would love to try it out. I completed my first round of Insanity and I am now half way through my second round and it is amazing! I have lost over 20 pounds and over 25 inches in total! I LOVE Shaun T!!

  97. Sarah says:

    I would love to win T25 because 25 min a day 5 days a week sounds perfect to me after struggling threw Insanity!

  98. kristy Wilson says:

    I want to win so I can lose weight, get in shape, and be happy with myself again.

  99. Amanda says:

    I’m recovering from surgery and I could not work out, so this would get me back on the track to healthiness!

  100. Raffy Rodriguez says:

    I would love to do the T25! I am very much crunch for time with work schedule and taking my child (3yrs old) to school and back (until I lay beside her to get her to sleep). It would be fantastic to be able to crunch in the time for 25 mins in the mornings to do this to get me healthier and in shape!

  101. Jeannie H. says:

    I have a couple of reasons.
    1.) I love me some Shaun T,, but then again, who doesn’t love him?. 😉

    2.) I am the mother of three beautiful daughters. I love my girls, but the pregnancies did a number of my body. I am now 30 pounds heavier, I have love handles, and big thighs that do not fit into any of my clothes. I don’t recognize the person that I see in the mirror and I do not feel comfortable in my clothes. It hurts. I have tried Insanity 4 times, and I have failed at Insanity four times. I love Insanity, but there aren’t enough hours in the day. I would love to win this workout and COMPLETE it. I have wanted to buy it since I learned about it in June, but my husband says that until I complete Insanity, I cannot buy another beachbody product (I have finished hip hop abs. :)) Whether I win this or not, I intend to keep trying and failing at Insanity until I succeed, but I would really love the 25 minute workout to give me a boost in the weightloss that I need in order to feel good about myself again, and to get the old me back.

  102. Carissa L says:

    The the gift of T25 would me amazing. I seem to be stuck at a constant weight, no matter how much cardio and weight training I do. I need something more and different! I’ve seen the results and would love to get the same ones for myself!

  103. LisaG says:

    This looks like the perfect workout for me–the right amount of time for a busy working mom of three, and Shaun T really motivates me to give my all!

  104. Devin Pope says:

    I loved Insanity, but the time commitment was too great. I’d LOVE to do the full T25 program.

  105. Eva says:

    I want it because I can’t get it in the Netherlands!!!!!!!

  106. Pam says:

    I want this program! Being a full time teacher and a full time Mum, 25 minutes fits in my schedule perfect! I’ve been watching this program on Facebook since before its release! I’m PammyJean27 on twitter!

  107. Rachel Eivins says:

    I would really love to do T25! I’m a mother of 4 and the 25 minute workouts would be perfect for my busy schedule. I just want to achieve that “fit” look and trying to lose weight is always a goal/struggle of mine.

  108. Lynn says:

    I have a 16 month old daughter and am still trying to get rid of the baby belly. Not only do I want to get fit, I want to feel great and I know Shaun T takes you on a journey of fitness, nutrition and wellness. I want to be a great example for my daughter but I don’t want to give up time with her either. Other workouts can get long and I can’t complete them during her ever shortening naps! T25 would be perfect because it is only 25 min a day. I can do that. I can do it for my daughter. I can do it for me.

  109. Kari says:

    I would to win t25 because ever since I had kids I can’t seem to loose the weight no matter what I try

  110. Chelsea Lysaght says:

    I would love to win the T25 DVD set! I absolutely love doing the insanity workout….I ain’t going to lie it’s hard but it’s worth it and you feel amazing after you have done it 🙂

  111. Kristy says:

    This would be great for my mother who would love to do this program but its a little too expensive for her I’m currently on t-25 in my 6 th week.
    She sees my results and she’s happy for me and I would like to be happy for her after years of fad dieting I would like her to be apart of something that actually works 🙂

  112. I would absolutely love to win this, not for myself, but for my mom as a gift! I’ve already purchased it and am through the alpha cycle with amazing results already (10lbs!) But I wouldn’t have gotten those results without my mom. Over the past summer I came back from college and decided to commit to becoming more healthy. Luckily, my mom is a health coach so along with T25 she really showed me how to eat healthier which contributed to my already awesome results! While I was staying with her she was working on getting her PhD in natural medicine and mentioned that she barely had time to work out anymore. We all know by now that Focus T25 is all about time so after she gave the workout a shot she was hooked! It was so good to see her get her mojo back from being in such a slump of all the stress her work has caused her. After I went back to school I let her take some of my alpha disks to keep her motivated- but I would LOVE to have her own copy so she could really experience the whole program and I can give back to her as much as she has given me!

    P.S. If anybody is in the Charlotte, NC area and is interested in having a health coach here is her website, check her out:
    I helped her put her data together in her research with Cellular Vitality and she had AMAZING results with women in 5 weeks.
    P.P.S. she is also in the middle of launching a retreat for women at her house on Lake Norman, NC. If you think you spare a few days to do a 1-on-1 intensive stay with her on a beautiful, relaxing lake that will only be beneficial, I promise it’s worth it!

  113. AmityS says:

    Driving at least an hour each way to work makes it really difficult to get in the Insanity workouts. I try to leave by 6:15, and getting up before 5 am is virtually impossible if I want to spend quality time with my husband before going to bed. T25 would give us the ability to work out, together, get our quality time in, and still be in bed before 10 pm.

  114. Rayna says:

    I want I want I want to win because I deserve it, because I can and I will do my best so I can feel completely satisfied with my body. And I love ME time, because every mother knows why 🙂

  115. Aesha T says:

    With a 3 and 9 year old, I’d love to maximize my morning workout in 25 minutes. I want to give T25 a try since I know Shaun T’s workouts help to produce amazing results! Thanks!

  116. Tamara says:

    I would love to win the T25 Set as I tried already Insanity and ShaunT is awesome!!! Unfortunately it is not easy to get it in Europe especially with enough support :-/

  117. Sharene says:

    I want to win Focus T25 because I don’t want to be left out. I want to win because I want to see if Focus T25 is actually what I really NEED! Thank you.

  118. Carol Solar says:

    I would love to get T25, I’ve seen the infomercial and would like to workout only 25 minutes. I’m currently doing Insanity (again) but I feel like I don’t have enough time in the mornings before work. I’m up at 5 now, I can’t see getting up any earlier. [Sometimes I cheat and do the Fast and Furious DVD.] Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  119. Shannon D. says:

    I am 27 and the heaviest I have ever been. I just had my 3rd baby 2 weeks ago, a baby girl! My 2 sons are 3 years and 7 years. I have to return to work full time towards the end of September to support my family. Between a 2nd grader, a preschooler and a newborn it will be a struggle for me to find more than 30 minutes a day to work out and I know I would have success with T25! I used to do insanity before I got pregnant with my 3rd baby and had so much success that sadly was completely undone over the last 9 months. Please let me be your lucky winner!

  120. Kelly M says:

    Just finished Insanity and would love to use T25! Thanks for the opportunity to win this!

  121. Dawn says:

    The 25 minutes of hard core workout really exicites me because of lack of time I have. This could be my answer!!

  122. Tammye Haynes says:

    I would LOVE to win the T25 Kit! I love Shaun T and your transformation is awesome!!!!

  123. Laquitta scott says:

    Because shaun t workouts are awesome and 25 minutes is doable for anyone, even me with a 6 and 3 yr old, working nights and homeschooling:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  124. Mom2CandG says:

    During the last seven years after helping three infertile couples create their families by being there gestational surrogate and also having a child of my own during that period didn’t leave much time for doing things for myself. I gave hundred 110% to these families who desperately wanted to have children And now that their families have been created it’s now time for me to focus on myself. My youngest is now in school which allows me a couple of hours each day for myself which before I never had and doing the T 25 program would be an amazing gift to myself. I would love to be able to look into the mirror and love what I see and walk into a room and watch my husband’s face light up like it used to. It’s time for me to make this change and winning this would be the icing on the cake!

  125. Shannon Cline says:

    I want to win this! I want a workout that makes me wonder if I will be able to move the next day, But more than that I need an energetic work out that actually lives up to what it claims!!!!

  126. Jeanie Leigh says:

    I would so love to win this! I have multiple sclerosis and workout 5x a week. I’ve been looking for something that my husband and I could do together. He works long hours and often finds it hard to make time to workout. He needs this just as much as I do!

  127. Mandy says:

    I am a mother of 3. I do not have a lot of time and not a lot of money to spend on myself. After staying home with my kids for 7 years I have put on 30lbs. I love ShawT and have hip hip abs but would love to have the chance to use this. If I win I vowe to commit myself to it and will definitely take before and after pics. Sincerely, one overweight, feeling not so hot mama

  128. Aeslin Gallegos says:

    I would love to win this workout because I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant. Before my pregnancy I had just finished insanity and loved it and my results.My body is now going through changes I’m so self conscious about my body now and just can’t wait to get back in shape. And this workout is only 25 min which is GREAT because I will have newborn baby soon and I have 3 year old too, so fast workout for this mommy is much needed! I just also want to get my body fit again too and feel better about myself.

  129. Amanda says:

    I would love to win the T25 DVD set so I can put myself to the challenge and get results. I am ready for a change and want to look like the person I always wanted to be for once in my life and I want to do it the right way!!!!

  130. Laura Wendholt says:

    I would love to try T25 ! I don’t have very much time to workout anymore with 2 kids and a full time job.

  131. heather t says:

    i want to win t25 because im a mother and working out is so difficult. i am on my journey to losing weight and i have went from 265lbs, a depressed lonely child called every name in the book :(. to the new me but im still not done i hear i look fine but i want people to see me defined, ripped and tell me i look amazing 🙂 and after hearing all these amazing things about shaun t. i know i can never afford it or any other workout. so far i have been exercising hre and there for 2 years and im losing all my motivation with t25 and shaun t i want to bring it all back and become a new me, look in the mirror and finally say “wow thats me” 🙂

  132. Kelli S. says:

    First off, I’d like to say Thank You for giving us all the chance to win this great set. You are such a motivation to help us become the “healthiest” version of ourselves. Your before and after pics are incredible. Great Job!! I’ve struggled with my weight for at least the past 10 years of my life and it’s about time I take my control back. My life is so hectic right now, and with my husband quitting his job to start his own business, who has time (or money) for an hour long workout. Not me!! 😦 I’ve been hearing great things about T25 and I really want to try it out. Shawn T is awesome!! And I REALLY want to be able to see my After photos. Thanks again! 🙂

  133. Kristen Almeida says:

    Would LOVE to win this! Been so eager to try it ESPECIALLY being that I’m always working! 25 minutes to get great results? I’m IN!

  134. Sharese says:

    I would love to win T25… I working on being a healthier, happier me 😉

  135. Melissa says:

    I would love to win the T25 DVD set so I can continue to workout with Shaun T. I was doing insanity but I find it so hard to find an hour a day to workout. I have two girls under the age of 8 and during the summer months its impossible to find an extra hour to fit into my schedule. With back to school and property taxes I just can see spending the 120+ to get the workout right now. I would love to put into the drawing for this workout set.

  136. Wow!!!! This is an amazing opportunity!!! Bless your heart for doing this!!! I would love to win these dvds to give to my brother and to help him lose the weight he has been always looking to lose! He is my all and I see he is really unhappy! 😦 Hope to win and bless him with the dvds!!! Thanks! 😀

  137. Jessica says:

    I want to win T25 because I will do the work it asks of me to change my life for the better. I would use this opportunity to show my children how to finish something you start and to become the mom they want; one who would be at a healthy weight and not obese. I want to make sure I am around and can keep up with my 5 children.

  138. Kim says:

    I would love to win to prove to myself that even after 40 I can get in shape and be the best person I an be. I have lost so much in my life but weight seems to be the hardest. My family and health are the most important thing. Keeping my fingers crossed. AND Helen you look amazing!!

  139. Shannon says:

    I would love to win the DVD set of T25. I am unable to afford it but know the results with Shaun T would be unbelievable. Thanks and hope to win!

  140. Samara Talaga says:

    I would love a chance to win this. I love the insanity workout, however, I had surgery on both legs and can’t do jumping, therefor it would be nice to do modifications. I am also a mother with a baby who is 10 months old, already crawling and walking, which makes doing hour long workouts difficult. being able to do T-25 would be a blessing. I also am following u on twitter and facebook. It would be nice to get healthy and get my strength back, with your help

  141. erika says:

    I would love to win the T25 DVD set for my husband and myself! We have three young children so the 25 minutes would be helpful for time management 🙂 My husband travels quite a bit and works 10 hour days so having a 25 minute home workout would motivate him to spend the time to get fit. I have about 10lbs of “baby weight” and I my husband has said he would love to lose 75lbs. Having this workout would help us tremendously!

  142. Meghan says:

    This would be great! I am currently on day 40 of Insanity and am already itching to try T25 when I’m finished. Pick me! 😉

  143. Meagan Jenzen says:

    I would love to win T25 because I am a new mom for the second time! With my first I just didn’t care as much and it took me 3 years to lose all the baby weight I gained. Then I got pregnant again. Gained 50 lbs and 3 months post baby, I have about 10lbs left! I am eating healthy and working out at the gym but would love to have T25 at home to double up my workouts!! Thank you! I’ll try and email a before pic later!

  144. Stephanie Reinertsen says:

    I would like to win because I have wanted to get in shape for a long time but can’t financially afford a gym or to even buy a program for that matter. I keep beating myself up because i hate the way I look, and one day woke up and decided to do something about it. A friend gave me the insanity program for free and I love it. However I am finding it hard to set that amount of time aside due to the fact I am working more to try to make ends meet. Even though I am going through a difficult time, I do not want to neglect my health and happiness because I owe this to myself. Im sick of seeing everyone have the dream body that I want and not being able to do anything about it. With T25 there is no excuse not to set that amount of time aside. I’ve never won anything in my life, so I figured it was worth a shot 🙂 Thank you!

  145. Sara Perkins says:

    I’m a busy mom of 2 who needs this 25 minute program. I would eventually like to try insanity too but think this sounds like a great start.

  146. nfdlt says:

    I would love to win focus T25 to get me and my wife fit and to get my whole fire station in better shape.

  147. nfdlt says:

    I would love to win to get me and my wife fit and to get my entire fire station fit.

  148. Melissa says:

    I’ve heard amazing things about T25 and would love to take on the challenge!! Love me some Shaun T!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  149. lisa says:

    Love to check it out! And loved his insanity workouts! Also fallow you on fb!

  150. I’m self employed real estate broker who spends way too many hours in the car sitting on my butt. I would love to win T25 and lose the 40 lbs I have gained since our house burned down almost 3 years ago -losing everything made me give up exercise and taking care of myself – time to get back on track and I think Beachbody is the way to do it – been looking and thinking about it since April – winning T25 would be the kickstart I need.

  151. Jana says:

    I want to win T25 so I can lose my baby weight. I’ve been progressively getting heavier as I get older but when I had my daughter I topped out at 217. Even after 15 months I’m still up in the 170’s and I want to get in the best shape I can so I can keep up with my daughter.

  152. Jen Lim says:

    25 min a day sound great to me. I love to give it a try. I love Shawn T – Insanity but find it hard to find the time to do it right now. I hope i can win it so I can fall in love with another Shawn T workout.

  153. I would love to try this. I have tried the Insanity and by the last week I had to stop because I hurt my foot. That was a month ago and I haven’t done anything since 😦

  154. Keyoana White says:

    Why I want to win a T25 DVD set? The reason I should win the T25 DVD set is because I have been fitting the battle of obesity for years and still is. But I fear no challenge to continue to reach my goals. 1 year ago I completed Insanity and had excellent results 18lbs lost, I went from a 16 to a 12 size pants and from a large shirt to a medium. Was Insanity tough it sure was but I did it. Now a year later I am back in a 14 pants and large shirt , maintenance was really rough completing my RN degree, being a mother, wife and working full time (STRESSED). Recently I restarted Insanity, along with running ,spin. I know that after Insanity my body will require another intense structured DVD like Insanity and T25 is the DVD. I have seen and heard about great results and I look forward to adding it to my fitness plan. I am eager and ready for the challenge of T25.
    Thank you for allowing me to tell my story and I look forward to winning the giveaway 😉

  155. Deanna says:

    Would love to win!!!!

  156. I love Insanity and I will love T25 too!!! – Shaun T is my guru 🙂

  157. Victoria says:

    I really want to win T25 its the perfect workout for me. I am going after my dream of competing even while dealing with interstital lung disease

  158. Why I do want win?!
    I am currently 28 wks pregnant itching to do T25! I was able to keep up with Asylum through 20wks so I am hoping once the little one gets here, I can begin this awesome program. I feel like Shaun T’s programs always challenge me in ways that no other programs can. He leaves you feeling accomplished and proud of yourself! So I would love the ability to workout to Shaun while I get back in shape! Not just me but for my two little ones too 🙂 They need a mama that’s in shape and can keep up with them!

  159. Amanda K says:

    I want to win a T25 DVD set!!

  160. I want to enter to win a T25 DVD set!!

  161. Lee Urbaniec says:

    Love to win and be apart of this to get lean and ripped and fit

  162. Jennifer Glenn says:

    Would love to win this DVD set! Love all Beachbody products and being able to get fit in less time a day would be a plus! Need to lose 40lbs and the shorter workout would be less intimidating. Want a hard workout every day, but it can be a challenge time wise and getting my mind set to do a full hour or more at this stage.

  163. Elie says:

    Amazing results! I am impressed what 25 minutes and hard work can do for you. I would love to try this amazing program. As a single mom of two, I don’t have and hour+ to dedicate to my fitness. I want to continue to set a positive example for my kids, so this sounds perfect for me! My budget doesnt leave a lot of wiggle room. You are presenting a fabulous opportunity, thanks for the chance.

    Sounds like there are a bunch of really deserving people entering… I can save up. Congrats on your success!

  164. Elie says:

    I started following you, looking forward to the information you share!

  165. glenn carey says:

    I would simply like to win this contest so I can get back the life years of bad eating habits and no real activity level have cost me. I want to feel good about me, and I will if i can accomplish something like your transformation,.

  166. michele says:

    As a mom of three boys, I want to do something for myself without feeling quilty for it!

  167. Kinga Dancs says:

    I want to win the workout so I can get committed again and get the body I always wanted!

  168. Michelle R. says:

    I want to win so that I can get back in shape and run around with my son.

  169. Mariza Cervantes says:

    I started with Insanity and through my workouts my husband was inspired to workout “with” me. He travels out of town for work – a lot and he is also in the Army Reserve. In April he took a “PT” (physical training) test and he failed. He stole my DVDs (which turned out okay since I got put on a hiatus due to knee problems)! He took them with him and tried to do the workouts in his hotel room. My husband has now completed a FULL round of Insanity and had a PT test today. He NAILED IT shaving 3 mins from his previous time and 1min 16secs to spare! I am so proud of him but now he is looking to start T25. I want to have my own copy and join him in this challenge wherever he is! Thank you for your consideration. 🙂

  170. Sharee says:

    I want to win a T25 Challenge kit because I just started nursing school and it sounds like the perfect workout for me since I will be studying NON STOP! I am dedicated to changing my body and want to push myself with this new challenge!

  171. Stephanie D Willis says:

    CFC, I would love to try T25 – I have seen so many great before and after pics with Shaun T’s other programs, but with my lifestyle (10-12 hr workdays), I find it hard to dedicate the time to the workouts in the longer dvd sets and am struggling with how to plan my meals right. I had set a goal to lose 30 lbs by the time I turned 30, but I am in a rut with my workouts – the elliptical for hours a week is just not doing it anymore for me. T25 seems to be the reboot I need, and I have NINE more months of being 30 to reach my goal – better late than never!

  172. Jessica says:

    I want to win because I work so hard as a teacher and only think about others, I rarely have time to work on myself. I want to focus on me with T25 and its the perfect amount of time for my busy day. I want results and I’m determined to have them!

  173. terry crossman says:

    Time for me to get Focus and fit and have fun… and show my family what hard work is all about. And share this wonderfull workout with my family. Would love to be in shape again and T25 Fast stay with me 🙂

  174. Michele L. says:

    I would love to give it a try. I did Insanity and did great!!! Love Shawn T.!!!! Also did TurboFire but really prefer Shawn T. Ready for something different and not so time consuming.

  175. I would love to win the T25 set. As a mom with 2 young kids I have gained more than 60 pounds and all I want is to be a healthy happy and fit mommy to be able to play with my kids without getting tired, or being out of breath. I want to promote a healthy lifestyle for my whole family and set the example. If I won this contest I could really be the person I want to be and show my family that I care about my health and care about being around for a very long time.

  176. Jessica P says:

    I would love a chance to try T25! We’re currently a single income family, and I am busting my rear to pay the bills, and health has definitely fallen to the wayside! I definitely need something that could fit in my schedule and kick my butt!

  177. Cathy Cammarn says:

    I am almost 53 years old and workout not only to improve myself but to also relieve some stress in my life. I am in the process of getting custody of 3 of my grand daughters, ages 7, 9 and 13. The 25 minute workout is exactly what I need.

  178. Cathy Cammarn says:

    oops…I almost 52, not 53!

  179. lauren says:

    I want to win T25 so I can be and inspiration to those around me, I want to challenge myself and prove to myself that I can get that beach body I always wanted. I would want to eventually be a beach body coach and change someone else’s life with this program.

  180. Tereza Thomas says:

    I would love to win T25 because I’m getting ready to start a family, and I want to be in the best shape of my life before I have a baby, so I have an easy and healthy pregnancy, and then a quick recovery afterwards. I do have Insanity and P90X, just looking for something shorter since I’m still in college and working full time. I love fitness and eating healthy, and I’m ready to take it to another level with T25. I’d like to lose 15lbs before I get pregnant, so I think T25 would be a great help to me! I’m not sure how to post a before picture on here, otherwise I would.. Gym memberships are too expensive for me right now, so all I do is home workouts and running. I feel like if I had something like T25, it would give me structure and a program that I could follow, and help me achieve better results! Again, I would LOVE to win this program. Thanks for reading my post!

  181. I hope I win so that I can finally get to my goal weight. After losing 40 pounds, those last fifteen are now the hardest. With T25 maybe… just maybe I can finally match the way I feel inside to my outside!

  182. Lyndsay says:

    I would be so grateful to win this because I have been wanting to try one of your products for a long time now but have never had the finances to do so. When T25 was released my mouth practically watered. I want to try this program so badly. Im at my heaviest weight ever and feeling hopeless.

  183. Scott says:

    I would love to win this because I am 30 pounds underweight, and would like a no-equipment exercise program to do at home. :>

  184. ashley lay says:

    I just turned 30 and am was at my heaviest. I have currently lost 15 pounds but have another 35 to go. I often times am at work for 13 hours so the short workouts would be amazing, plus who doesn’t love S.T.!! I also have changed my eating habits drastically and am ready to add the workouts now!

  185. adrienne036 says:

    I’m 28 and in the worse shape I’ve ever been in. I have a three year old and it’s getting hard to keep up with her. I also have been diagnosed with thyroid problems recently. This work out would be a great fit into my life, and desperately needed !!!

  186. ana ortiz says:

    completed Insanity twice and asylum so would like to do this one also…..

  187. Roseann Oberle says:

    I am a forty year old mom of 5 and really need a workout program that will save me time and help me get back into shape.

  188. First of all, sorry about my bad english, but I’m not american, I’m brazilian 😉
    And I want to win this T25 DVD Set because I’m a bride, I’m getting ready for my wedding day, and I want to be in a good shape on my great day! 😉 So, I guess I deserve to win this competition! 😉

  189. Sheree C says:

    Pick me, Pick me….just looking at Helen’s before and after pics are a true inspiration and motivation. Plus, I’ve never won anything in my life and this would be a great turn of my luck and also a great turn of my current out of shape, need to take a breath after climbing 5 stairs lifestyle. I WANT TO WIN THE T25 DVD SET!

  190. Kim Skaleski says:

    Always looking for a new challenging workout. Bored with the gym. Would love to try focus t25.

  191. Melanie says:

    Starting a hectic job as a neurosurgery PA and constantly being on call and taking care of patients, I gained even more weight after failing on a no to low carb diet and passing my beginning weight. I’ve realized that the best way to take care of me is to find out a program that works for me that is also time conserving. This seems like a great program for that goal. Not to mention I love Shaun T’s other programs.

  192. Yolanda Defour says:

    I would like a chance to win the t25 dvds to be able to get up every morning and do 25 mins of workout before work. Knowing that it is only 25 mins it makes it easier to get a work out in. Holding myself accountable for getting it done.

  193. Jacy says:

    I want to transform my body and turn fat into muscle!

  194. Jennifer Maisel says:

    T25 would be amazing to win because I have about 150 lbs to lose, and I absolutely LOVE Shaun T! His workouts are the first I have ever come across that I never get tired of!

    I don’t have a Twitter but have liked your Facebook page. Also sent a before picture.

  195. I really would love to do this since time is limited and the insanity is done and dusted… time for a new fast challenge… bring it on

  196. Mark says:

    I want to try this program to kickstart the next phase of my fitness journey! And Shaun T is awesome!

  197. Michelle says:

    Hi. I’m currently I believe 50 pounds overweight. I had always had an upbeat personality despite my consist fight to keep my weight under control. Recently my health has started to fail with a new diagnosis of hypertension. I was shocked! I have to do something but I”m so saddened that I have gotten to this weight and that I can’t get motivated. I have a beautiful daughter that I would love to keep up without being out of breath. Please help me!

    I have liked your Facebook but do not have a twitter account. I also will submit a photo. Thanks you for the possible opportunity to be who I want to be!

  198. Rob Pipe says:

    I loved Insanity and X2, now it’s T25 time! If I win I will absolutely complete this program! Thanks

  199. Maranda Magnuson says:

    I would love to win this! I am a busy mother of four (one of them special needs) with a husband who works 80 hours a week. I run the household and take care of the children pretty much on my own from day to day. I always try to get in a good workout, but sometimes by the time I have the time, I am too tired. I would LOVE to have a quick workout that gives me a GOOD workout! I have about 70 pounds to lose and I think this program would be WONDERFUL. I am a big Shaun T fan too. 🙂

  200. Andrea says:

    As a busy mom of 4 (ages 8,6,3,2), working woman, & loving wife, I would LOVE to get my workouts to 25 min. I have enjoyed INSANITY, but would like the time to be sure I get my family quality time all in as well. Not only would getting back in shape make me a better mom, but a better wife & person as well. I notice when I don’t feel I’m at my best, I tend to be grouchier & depressed so I don’t respond well to those I love.

  201. Aaron Tai says:

    I would love to win t25 because I have tried out insanity and asylum and love the results. Always good to have variety in my workouts.

  202. Heather M. says:

    I would like to enter!! I will send a before pic too! (my email address starts with katehopeeden)

  203. Christina says:

    I would love to win T25! After 2 kids the weight just hasnt come off. I KNOW I could find 25 min to workout before I go to work!

  204. Martha says:

    I really would like to win this to boost up my confidence and endurance. I am a mother of 4 girls and I’m lacking the energy needed to stay on track with them since giving birth a yr ago. This will most definitely will help me improve and motivate myself for a better health and future for me and my family.

  205. Venita Godfrey says:

    Watch the infomercial and I really want to T25 because I know this will be the one I will stick with. NO EXCUSES!!!!

  206. Khamali Brown says:

    Would love to win a T25dvd set. I am a new mom and I am looking to get rid of the baby weight I gained. I have tons of friends that are doing T25 right now and are getting tremendous results. I am excited to get the opportunity to join them.

  207. Jaime J says:

    I have just started an 11mo nursing school, and being that it is shorter length, it is very intense. I spend 3-4 hrs studying every night, along with hubby and family to care for, and don’t have time for much else. Additionally, sitting in class and sitting to study for hours is not helping my health/fitness! I was doing P90x a few months ago, but became tired of the length and monotony of it. I would love a 25 min workout that will keep me interested!

  208. Amber C says:

    I am writing to win Focus T25 for my brother. I have already purchased my own copy of Focus T25 and am in my second week of Alpha. I love it, although I knew I would, as I did Insanity last year! I have battled with my own weight issues growing up and am happy that I have kept the 50 pounds off by doing programs such as this. My brother is currently struggling with his weight and is at his heaviest. He is now at the point that he knows he has start making some major changes. He is married with a 2 year old son and knows if he doesn`t make changes he won`t be around to see his son grow up. As I have started the Focus T25 program all I could think about is how perfect this would be for my brother. The modifications are perfect for some of the moves that I`m sure he would struggle with at first because of his weight. He is also extremely busy with his family, job, and volunteer work with Baseball Nova Scotia. 25 minutes a day would be ideal for him and I know it is a program he could stick with, unlike some other longer programs that he may quit only because of time restraint. I would love to win this for my brother. I love him and want to see him get to a healthy weight where he can enjoy playing with his son!!!

  209. Michelle says:

    I want a T25 DVD set because my husband says an hour is too long to work out. I want to use T25 to help us become a fit couple so we can raise a fit family. T25 is the perfect solution to a man who can’t keep his attention very long and I love Shaun t from HHA so I know I’ll love him in this.

  210. Faith Hakesley says:

    I am a full-time stay-at-home Mom (to a rambunctious 3-yr-old & a 6-month old) and between homeschooling & all the other commitments of a dedicated mother, I have little time for exercise. I would love to have a program that is minimum time with maximum results!

  211. yvonne says:

    I would like to try T25. I’m in my upper 30’s and have gained over 10 lbs over the last year or so. I have stuck to a low carb diet for years and it has worked up until about 2 years ago. Everyone tells me I look like I’m in my 20’s and would like to feel like that. I’ve tried Insanity for a week and I have no workout experience to speak of. The thing that attracts me to T25 is the modified exercises, with Insanity there is too much jumping and whatnot. I was involved in a head on collision that limits the mobility in my left leg and I have cartilage missing from my knee which makes Insanity difficult to do. I really would like to give T25 a chance, I think it could work for me.

  212. Stephanie Gossett says:

    I liked on FB and am following on Twitter. (NiniGossett)

    I would love to supply you with a before….and after pic if I win! Thank you for this chance. I would love to be able to be this strong. I have lost weight on my own, but I lack strength and definition. I still have about 25 pounds to go, and I WILL do it! I am a mom of four sweet little girls, and I want to be the best example I can for them. I loved reading everyone’s story. Thank you for this amazing and life changing chance, and best of luck to everyone!

    ninigossett@gmail dot com

  213. Joe Costa says:

    I’m a 49 year old guy, married with two teenagers. I’m tipping the scales at 344 lbs. I really need to get my weight under control and get in shape. I want to be around for my family. I would LOVE to win this DVD, as I have heard that the Focus T25 work out is amazing.

  214. Erin says:

    I want to win a T25 DVD set!! I had a baby last year and I don’t have the time or $ to buy it 😦 I’m so excited to try it but I just can’t afford it while home with baby!

  215. Britt says:

    I’m trying to build healthy habits early in my carreer so that my physical well being becomes integrated into my daily priorities. I don’t have time to go to the gym and I barely have time to cook a meal on the weekdays, but 25 minutes seems doable for anyone…even me!

  216. Erica says:

    T25 looks awesome and I feel that it will help me stay focused and committed since it is only 25 minutes.

  217. Tammy Riche says:

    After taking custody of my grandson from the time he was born, I have found my workouts have suffered. I don’t have the time to do the 50 – 60 min workouts with him growing and becoming such a busy toddler. T-25 would be the perfect intense but short workout I need.

  218. Morgan Hargrove says:

    I love all things Shaun T. He’s a remarkable person and an influential trainer, which is why I desperately need this program. I’m a busy mother of two, a college student, as well as caregiver. It would be amazing to have a program dedicated to working moms everywhere. I’ve also never won a single thing in my entire life. It would be amazing to win something of Shaun Ts. Even though I already have Alpha and Beta, I’d really like to win Gamma. My fiance is always out of town due to work and I think he’d benefit from having a 25 minute workout when he’s not able to get to a gym! This would make me dream come true!!!

  219. Kari K says:

    Would love to win t25! Would be a great addition to my other beachbody workouts!

  220. Cassandra says:

    You have inspired a lot of us with your amazing results! As an Insanity grad (times 4)- I know Shaun T knows his stuff and I love his motivation. Almost a year ago I about lost my foot in a boat propeller. Though the flesh and bone have healed, my mobility has not been fully restored limiting my ability to jump and especially land safely. I know Tania is doing modifications for the moves, and though I would like to work my way to the full move, I know she has got my back. I have tried modifying Insanity by taking out the jumps, but find myself wanting to do doubles as I do not feel I get the same results. As a mom of three (10 year old, 7 year old, and 6 month old) and also working 2 jobs, I do not have the time, nor the energy! I know I need something as effective as Insanity in a much shorter amount of time! I am convinced T25 is where it is at!

  221. since I am not back in CA, I feel I need to work on my abs a little more and get rid of the midwest pudge! just running is just not cutting it :-/

  222. Hello my name is Stephanie I am 30 yrs old 5′ 2″ I weigh 258 pounds, I am a single parent of Three children thirteen, three and Two year old. As you can see a lot of my time is consumes with three kids and a full time job! I have been struggling with my weight problems for over the last 7 years, which has lead to many insecurities about myself physically and emotionally. I work in a call center environment so I am sedimentary all day at a desk. I have tried many yo-yo diets and they simply never work. About 6 mos ago I joined a gym I started to go but I can never find the time to go between my work schedule and my children schedule activities, also from finding people willing to baby sit my children after hours and being able to afford to pay someone overtime for daycare after hours. I would love to win the T25 program for a very long time wanted to purchase different videos from but being a single parent I never have the extra money to buy the videos per being on a fixed income. I believe that the T25 program would change my life dramatically because I can workout in the comfort in my own home don’t have to worry about if I can make it to the gym or find a babysitter. Just like Shaun T said in the infomercial by everyone else is driving to the Gym and wasting time, I could be done with my workout and on my way to fabulousity. I really appreciate your consideration and thanks in advance for my T25 set I promise you wont be sorry for you selection. Cant wait to become a more healthier parent for my children and also a more secure person and overcome my insecurities I have about myself so i can teach my kid how to be healthier individuals.

    my twitter name @mzsteph82

  223. Cheryl Mayers says:

    I would really love to win Focus T25! I am 53 years old and have gained about 20 lbs in the last 3 years or so and am uncomfortable and unhappy with my appearance. Although my eating is pretty clean my workouts are not on par. This program fit into my busy schedule perfectly, 25 minutes working out is absolutely doable for me. I have watched
    Shaun T’s infomercials and the results that his programs achieve are remarkable!!

  224. Ashley D says:

    I have tried, unsuccessfully, many times to lose baby weight and tone up. After seeing the results of one of my good friends I would love to give this a try!

  225. miguel says:

    I really want this workout, i am joining the army and i want to be in a good shape.

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