6 Steps to Looking Great on Your Wedding Day (From a Former Bride)

In my Dress

“Looking fab? It’s quite simple dahling.”

Now that my wedding day has passed -with flying colors might I add! 🙂 – I thought I’d offer up a few tips I learned in getting fabulous for the big day. You can use this plan if you’re the bride, a bridesmaid or a wedding guest!

1. Get serious about your diet NO LESS than 5 weeks prior to the wedding (esp. if you’re the bride).

Why 5 weeks? Well, it actually comes out to 4-weeks because, as I’ve learned, the week of your wedding you will (and should!) be eating and drinking off-diet! People will want to celebrate with you, so you don’t want to be stressed out about not having lost those last few lbs right down to the wire! At my office, my colleagues threw me a congratulatory party with cake/champagne and because I’d already been controlled with my diet for weeks before then I didn’t feel as guilty indulging. Then there’s the rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, etc. which all will likely involve not-so healthy foods. So, instead of depriving yourself during a time when you should be living it up, just start your diet sooner! If you need some healthy diet ideas, look here, here and here.

2. Up Your Cardio.

This tip is if you’re really trying to lose lbs before the wedding day- if you’re not, then watching your diet should be enough, so feel free to skip to #3. I wanted to lose 5-8lbs before my wedding, so about a month before I started increasing my cardio. For me the easiest way to accomplish this was to re-commit to the treadmill; it’s a boring workout but it gets the job done! I went for endurance, staying on the treadmill for at least 60mins instead of my usual 30. I also would mix things up with an Insanity DVD or a run outside with a fit friend to keep my body guessing! I almost immediately started to see results, first water weight loss and then those last few pesky lbs that are the toughest for me to lose. Remember to stay hydrated as your body adjusts to the longer workouts and feel free to go at a slower pace if you think it will help you get through the longer duration.

3. Plan Out Your Alcohol Intake

If you have any control over when your bridal shower and bachelorette party are, try to set the dates to at least two weeks before your wedding. If it can be even farther out, all the better- drinking alcohol leads to bloating, dehydration and patchy skin- all things you want to avoid in the days leading up to the big day! So if you can time your drinking so that your body will have time to recover before the wedding, do it! At 1-2 weeks before your wedding, I’d recommend cutting alcohol completely, if you can swing it. If not, you can always look to lower calorie alcoholic drinks. You want to maximize all your hard work and you’ll have plenty of time to drink at the rehearsal dinner and on the big day!

4. Step Up Your Skin Regimen

This is also something that is often overlooked by brides until the last possible second and a facial two days before your wedding is not (always) a good idea! You want to start a skin regimen at least 3-5weeks out from your wedding day so that you’ll have time to see some results! I got a few facials in the weeks leading up to my wedding and it made a big difference! If you can’t afford to get a facial, there are TONS of products you can buy online to help improve your skin’s tone and brightness. Just be sure to be consistent and to give yourself enough lead time for the products to do their thing.

5. Invest in your undergarments & tailoring.

Prepping for my wedding day introduced me to wonderful world of undergarments! And I don’t just mean Spanx, I’m talking corsets, bustiers and all kinds of waist cinching pieces. If your dress already has a built-in corset then you’re good to go. If not, invest in a corset; wearing the right supportive undergarment can take inches off your waist and pounds off of your frame, so don’t wait until the last-minute to buy these items! You will likely need them for fittings if you’re the bride, but bridesmaids and wedding guests should also feel free to get involved! And bridesmaids shouldn’t forget to get their dresses tailored to maximize the right fit for your body!

6. Put your shoulders back and smile!

Nothing looks more fab than a woman exuding confidence. So “think tall” and smile! (I’m only 5’2″ so I really have to “think tall” lol). Especially if you’re getting married on the day, enjoy yourself and let your happiness shine through. Looking fab isn’t just about your weight or your wardrobe; it’s also about your state of mind. 😉 -CFC

**What tips/tricks do you have for looking great on your wedding day?**


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My "deserted island" checklist: a BCBG dress, a healthy & diabetic-friendly meal and a few workout DVDs. ;-)
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5 Responses to 6 Steps to Looking Great on Your Wedding Day (From a Former Bride)

  1. I know I’m going to have to up my cardio, especially leading up to the wedding, but reading about your 60 minutes on the treadmill depressed me! I hate that thing! LOL

    All of your tips were great, and I’ll be implementing them leading up to next June 🙂

  2. icee3946 says:

    Your tips are all so helpful. I am beginning on well actually redoing Week 4 of the LiveFit challenge.. and for some reason my motivation seems to be down. I started this program once be fore and didn’t finish but, I lost like 22 pounds in 6 weeks. I followed the diet strictly. How do you get yourself motivated before a workout or is there an energy drink that works well for you before your workout?

    • ChicFitChef says:

      Hey icee3946! 22lbs!?!?! That’s fantastic! It sounds like you’re pretty self-motivated, so I’m sure that you will get back there! I may do LiveFit again- I think if I stuck to a tighter diet I would have gained more muscle!!

      I definitely do use an energy powder pre-workout- it’s a Beachbody product called “Energy & Endurance”. I started using when I was in the T25 test group and then picked up again recently; you just mix it with a cup of water and within 15-20mins you feel a bit energized (without the jitters of coffee). Here’s some more info on E&E: http://www.beachbodycoach.com/esuite/home/PuckDaddy?bctid=1405161781001 It has B vitamins, Vitamin C and it’s a nice lemony flavor that is light and refreshing. I’ve tried other energy drinks and find that they work for a while (make me a little jittery) and then stop working, so I like E&E the best! I’m a Beachbody coach now, so let me know if you’re interested in buying it through my coaching site- if you do then I can coach you in the best ways to use it!!! Best wishes, CFC

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