3 Ways To Avoid Weight Gain Over the Holiday Season


It’s been awhile guys! I know that my posts on the blog have been few and far between lately, but I’ve been super focused on working with some really great T25 Challengers in my first ChicFitChef-T25 Challenge Group! Between that, work and other life commitments, there haven’t been as many posts as I would like- but that changes NOW! As we enter the holiday season, there comes holiday parties, end of the year dinners and lots of libations! How do you stay away from weight gain over the next few weeks?

1. Know & Streamline Your Holiday Schedule 

Let’s be clear on one thing first: there’s no way to “work off” an unhealthy diet. So if you’re hoping that you can eat whatever you want & still lose weight- sorry boo, you know what blog you’re on, right? 😉 But I’m a health realist; it’s the holiday season so you’re going to eat, drink & be merry! So one of the first ways to be smart about your holiday eating/drinking is to you look at your holiday schedule & prioritize. Which holiday events will add valuable time with family/close friends? Are there any obligatory holiday parties that you have to go to (eg. work-related holiday events)? Which events look fun but will really just add to your waistline? Being honest with yourself & cutting back on some of your holiday party plans can help prevent serious weight gain. Also, as a footnote to this point: Be sure to avoid the holiday parties that may trigger emotional eating/drinking. If you’re prone to over-drinking/eating when you’re in the company of “high trigger” people (eg. an ex, a former bestie or an annoying family member) try to cross those events off of your list (or go into them with awareness & a plan).

2. Set Goals for 2014 Now

Remember January 2013? After New Year’s came and went & all you had to show for it was an extra few lbs? So many people I know come up with these crazy New Year’s resolutions in January, after they’ve already gained 5-10 holiday pounds and haven’t committed to an exercise program! Well, just think about how much closer to those goals you’d be in 2014 if you didn’t gain extra weight during the holidays in 2013? Don’t wait until 2014 to set your weight loss/health goals- start now!! Set a goal of losing a certain amount of weight, or a specific percentage of body fat/inches off of your body. Then, when the holiday parties come around, remind yourself of your goal and think about how great it will be to be ahead of the game in January 2014. The holiday season is the toughest time to stay on track with diet & working out, so if you can conquer this time of year, you are on your way to an amazing & healthy physique in the new year!

3. Understand the “Power of Momentum”

After a week of playing Thanksgiving catch up myself on my T25 workout schedule, I talked to my T25 Challengers about the Power of Momentum. For every day that you consistently workout, that’s one day that your body not only gets stronger, but also builds on itself. What I mean is, each day that you get yourself to workout makes the next day easier. This is true not only physically, but psychologically too- your state of mind is also pushed by the momentum you’ve built up from the previous day. But this means that the reverse is also true; as you stop working out your body gets used to that as well. For every day that you don’t workout, your momentum slows and you’re that much less likely to workout the next day. And I find that if I miss even just one or two days from my schedule, my body is slower when I jump back into a workout- so you can imagine how it feels if you skip a week or the whole holiday month of December! So, even if you’re tired, even if it’s a short workout, even if you’re not losing any weight and are just maintaining – KEEP YOUR MOMENTUM. It’s that momentum that will keep your body primed for more exercise and for taking you to the next level in the new year. -CFC

***Are you struggling to keep it healthy during this holiday season?***
***What are you doing to stay on the healthy track this holiday season?***


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My "deserted island" checklist: a BCBG dress, a healthy & diabetic-friendly meal and a few workout DVDs. ;-)
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2 Responses to 3 Ways To Avoid Weight Gain Over the Holiday Season

  1. Zenith says:

    Thanks for posting this timely article! I reached an amazing fitness goal right before the holiday season hit and do not plan on derailing all my hard work. I really sat down and made some plans for how to enjoy the season without feeling deprived. How?

    1. I signed up for a 10K Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day morning and ran it H A R D. So, I think signing up for and participating in holiday related fitness events is a wonderful way to ‘share’ the fun and keep up the pace with fitness during the season.
    2. I also planned my meal (I cooked), so it enabled me to go on the hunt for tasty, healthy menus to add to my cookbook. I ended up preparing roasted sweet potatoes in thyme, garlic and served with nonfat greek yogurt; haricot verts prepared italian style; hickory smoked turkey and homemade cranberry sauce. Everyone loved it and I felt happy that I actually served food that would love us back.
    3. I managed to do some yoga and used the exercise as way to reflect on my blessings. (lit some candles and put on jazz music during practice).

    4. Spending some time with elderly people who are unable to physically get around and helping them with lifting, etc. is also helpful in appreciating health and fitness from a psychological standpoint. I also love listening to their stories. Some of these seniors will blow your socks off! Lol!

    So, instead of focusing on food and stuff, I focus on gratefulness, health and fitness. Directing your thoughts in the direction you want to live in and finding concrete ways to manifest those thoughts physically helps tremendously in staying on track. Happy Holidays! Love your blog!

    • ChicFitChef says:

      Hey Zenith!! What an amazing list!!!!! I really like #4- spending time with folks who can’t get around (especially this time of the year) is a GREAT way to appreciate your health/fitness.

      Happy Holidays to you and thank you for supporting CFC.com!

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