T25 Weight Loss Results – CFC Challenge Group Alum Interview

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Shanna R’s amazing T25 results!!

Read on to hear about Shanna R.’s amazing weight loss success with T25!! And message me about joining my May T25 group!!!

1. What made you decide to join the CFC T25 Challenge Group?

I saw Helen’s post on Facebook. It was the start of the year, and this year I had kind of decided I wouldn’t set the usual 10-pound weight loss goal that I have set for many years and never achieved. But then I saw Helen’s post and I thought well this sounds interesting. I had tried Shaun T’s Insanity years prior, but had never completed it. I was sold on the idea of 25-min workouts. But the major factor for me was the support that I would receive. I am typically very good at motivating myself to get started, but I knew by about week 2 or 3 it would fade, and I would need that extra support. So when Helen emailed me the Challenge Group information, I decided to jump on board.

2. What were your goals going into the group?

Honestly, at first I thought a 5-pound loss would be great. But then I lost the first 4 pounds so quickly with daily Shakeology that I really started to believe I could lose those 10 pounds I’d been trying to lose for years. I figured if all I got out of it was getting into a workout routine and some better eating habits I would have been happy.

3. What was involved in being in the group? 

I was a member in a Facebook group with other people who were doing the T25 Challenge with Helen. We would post messages to Facebook to encourage each other, share weight losses etc. We were also all required to check in weekly with Helen via email with our progress.

4. How was Helen as your coach? What help/guidance did she provide?

Helen was great. She is extremely motivational. I think I just mentioned in one of my email check-ins that I hadn’t been below a certain weight in years, and she jumped on that and that became the goal. If I had a bad week in which I didn’t lose any pounds she would check in regarding anything that was going on in that particular week–additional stress etc. that might have contributed to not having a great week in terms of weight loss. She helped me keep perspective.

5. What were your results?!

I lost 12 pounds in 10 weeks!!!!

6. Would you recommend joining a CFC T25 Challenge Group to someone else? Why?

 Absolutely! I think doing it with a group is the way to go! I know around week 2 or 3 I got sick for a few days and couldn’t work out, and without the group I would have probably just quit then. But I knew there were all these other people doing it, and of course I’d still have to check in with Helen, and that was my motivation to get started again as soon as I was feeling better. Once I really began to see the results, I knew I could continue to do more which provided additional motivation. Plus the 25-min a day really is doable. I find it to be just the right amount of time that I can commit to and make myself do on a consistent basis.

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So proud of Shanna & I love now being a part of her fitness journey! She will be joining my next 21 Day Fix Group to continue her progress!!! 

Do YOU want to begin a similar transformation? Be sure to join my next Summer Starts Now T25 Fitness Group –click here and join NOW because spots WILL FILL UP! 😉 -Helen aka CFC


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