InsaniT25 Weekly Review – Introducing Guest Blog Post from EJ! (Member of Team CFC)

My friend EJ has agreed to share her experience in the CFC InsaniT25 Group on!! Get to know EJ in the post below and stay tuned for future posts from her over the one-month hybrid! (If you’re interested in joining EJ, me and many other brave souls in the CFC InsaniT25 group, check out details here!)

EJ CFC Pre Challenge

EJ – Pre-InsaniT25 Starting Photo!!!

The Beginning of a Journey

Hello everyone! My name is EJ and I’ll be sharing my story throughout Helen’s InsaniT25 focus group. I’m really excited (read:nervous) to be featured on Chic Fit Chef but I hope you’ll join me as I dig deeper.

My Journey With Weight

Throughout my youth and early adulthood, I was relatively active with sports and dance but never really focused on healthy eating. I thought weight loss simply involved eating less food until the excess weight was gone but there was no thought to what kind of food I was eating or building a healthy lifestyle. As a result, there was always a struggle with my weight.

Recent life events and stresses brought me to my heaviest weight last year. Social and emotional eating became problems for me as I sought comfort from food. Eventually, I determined that I needed a shift. I had stopped working out and I was constantly eating on the run due to a hectic work schedule, coastal relocation, and wedding planning.

My Breakthrough – 15 Pounds Lost

I joined one of Helen’s T25 groups last fall to get myself moving again. What a breakthrough!

During the program and in the subsequent few weeks of working out more often, I lost 15 pounds but that was just the beginning. I learned that I work best with a system of accountability and support. My relationship with food changed as I started to eat more for nourishment rather than comfort. I realized that I envision my life being one of fitness and healthy eating. This was not some temporary fix but rather a shift in the way I lived my life.

Accountability & New Goals

So here I am again, with the ultimate system of accountability – the public eye.

I’m about 20-30 pounds away from what I feel like is a comfortable, healthy weight range for my height, health, and past weights but I’m open to the possibility of weighing more or less based on my energy levels, muscle mass, and overall well-being.

I don’t plan to lose 30 pounds in 30 days, which would be incredibly unhealthy. Rather, my goal for this challenge is to lose between 5-10 pounds and increase energy levels. I hope that you’ll follow along.



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