Insanity T25 Hybrid Review (Day 2 of 30) – EJ’s Journey

Insanity: Plyometric Cardio Circuit


See how Day 2 went for EJ!

This is one of my favorite Insanity workouts because it was my first exposure to the Insanity program and I remember feeling like I was going to die the first time I did it.

Fortunately, a round of T25 prepared me for this one and the workout, although exhausting was a pleasant surprise. After the warm-up and stretch, there’s only 25 minutes left, the equivalent of a T25 video. I honestly had a hard time pushing myself through the warm-up (especially the high knees which probably resembled a cross between high knees and a jog) because of how sleepy I was. But by the time the cardio circuit started, I was awake and ready to push.

Does anyone else take a while before being awake enough to push hard during a workout?

Also, although the video participants don’t sip water during the warm-up, I take a swig after each circuit during the jog portion.

Favorite Move – Level 1 Drills because they make me feel strong

Hardest Move – In and Out Abs

Current Struggle – Pushing through the warm-up

Dig Deep Tip
I’ve found that although many participants in the video are collapsing during the ski abs and in and out abs, I don’t watch them because it will make me quit. When I feel totally exhausted, I move more slowly through the ab exercises focusing on my form rather than take a break. This helps me take a lot fewer breaks.

Stay tuned for Day 3!

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