Insanity T25 Hybrid Review (Day 6 of 30) – EJ’s Journey

Insanity: Pure Cardio


Day 6 was a tough one for EJ…

I lost my aunt to cancer and was feeling down this morning.

As a result, I really didn’t feel like pushing play. I was thinking of the many wonderful memories I’ve had with her and remembered one particular conversation. My aunt was an incredibly fit woman with a love for the outdoors and scuba diving.

One day I asked her “how do you stay so fit?” and she responded “I made a choice to.” There’s no “naturally slim” gene in my family and her words struck a chord with me. I’m making a choice. So in spite of feeling depressed and down, I pressed play.

Favorite Move – Frog Jumps
Hardest Move – Level 2 Drills
Current Struggle – Any cardio move that involves lifting my knee high (i.e. switch kicks, mountain climbers, etc)

Dig Deep Tip – I typically work out in the privacy of my living room after my husband has already left for work. Today, though, I had an audience since I at my aunt’s house. My uncle and one of my aunts watched me workout through the whole DVD. Although it was a bit strange having people watch me, I definitely dug a bit deeper. When possible, get a workout buddy or don’t be afraid to workout in front of others.



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My "deserted island" checklist: a BCBG dress, a healthy & diabetic-friendly meal and a few workout DVDs. ;-)
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2 Responses to Insanity T25 Hybrid Review (Day 6 of 30) – EJ’s Journey

  1. Michelle says:

    Sorry for your loss… Way to get we done though! True strength! I work out so much better and harder when I’m with someone else!!;)

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