Insanity T25 Hybrid Review (Day 10 of 30) – EJ’s Journey

T25 Beta Dynamic Core


Beta Core Cardio 2

Day 10!

I’ve learned to love this workout. I’m able to do almost all of the moves until exhaustion and I feel so good when it’s over. This is definitely a breakthrough because at one time, this workout was my arch-nemesis.

Favorite Move – Hammer Kick – I love this move because it gives my hips a great stretch. I also love the connecting deep squat. It feels like you aren’t doing much but your muscles shake and sweat pours down your face. And then I LOVE the plank walk squat hold. Am I allowed to choose three favorites for a workout? 🙂

Hardest Move – Bicycle abs and V hold. Derek and I both struggle with this. Haha!

Current Struggle – Pike ups… who came up with that move? Someone evil.

Dig Deep Tip – When I feel like I can’t hold a plank anymore it’s usually because I’ve loosened my “grip” in my abs. When I feel myself start to dip, I put all my energy into my core and start counting backwards from 50 and I’m usually able to last much much longer.



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