Insanity T25 Hybrid Review (Day 12 of 30) – EJ’s Journey

T25 Beta Upper Focus & Stretch

Photo Aug 13, 2013, 12-20 PM

Day 12!

Okay so I didn’t do the Stretch DVD… I’ll have to add that in another day. There’s something psychologically disturbing about putting in two dvd’s back to back. I LOVE weight lifting so I was very excited about doing this workout. I used 12 pound dumbbells but I think I want to get a set of 15’s for the next time I do this video in week 4.

Favorite Move – Dual Arm Fly + V Hold… Does it make anyone else feel like Super Woman?

Hardest Move – This was such a good workout and I loved it all.

Current Struggle – A bit of wrist pain for certain floor moves but I’m quickly learning how to modify in order not to put strain on my wrists

Dig Deep Tip – Have a set of lower weights nearby for moves such as the Dual Side Raise if you feel like you’ve exhausted your muscles. The key with T25 is to not stop!

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