Warby Parker: Globalizing Eye Health w/ Style (NEW! Fall Collection 2014)

WP Fall 2014 Line Photo

I’ve been in search of a new pair of glasses as a quick update to my look & that got me thinking about doing a blog post on eye health. What do eyeglasses have to do with health & fitness, you might ask? Well, at a visit to my ophthalmologist I had a “Eureka!” moment! Check out my personal eye health scare & why I support Warby Parker’s mission, after the jump!

About two years ago, I went in to see my ophthalmologist and he asked me if I had any history of eye diseases in my family. I told him that yes, I have a history of glaucoma in my family and then asked what was with the 3rd degree. Well, as it turns out, my doctor had discovered an asymmetry in my optic nerves, which is a pre-indicator for glaucoma. At first, I freaked out! Immediately I started looking on the web about descriptions of glaucoma, diagnosis, treatment and worst-case scenarios. Thankfully the asymmetry was discovered early, so some my worry was unnecessary. However, it is serious and must be monitored; I now go to my ophthalmologist every six months for a check up to see how my eyes are doing.

The whole experience got me thinking about taking my eye health more seriously. (If you haven’t been to get your eyes checked- make an appointment now & especially if you have kids who need new glasses for school!) My eye scare also made me realize how fortunate I am to have access to affordable eye care. Recently Warby Parker approached me to briefly post about their Fall collection of eyeglasses, so I thought- why not? Not only is Warby Parker all about making eyeglasses affordable, they also have a great mission of taking access to affordable glasses and eye care globalCheck out this amazing vid showcasing the work Warby Parker does around the world & how your purchase of glasses helps the effort.

I hope you will check out Warby Parker’s new 2014 Fall Collection! Money from the glasses you purchase will be used to train nonprofit partners to give eye exams, determine prescriptions and sell affordable glasses to communities in need around the world! Here are just a few of the super cute looks from the new Fall 2014 Warby Parker line. You can see them all at www.warbyparker.com. (Note: I have not been compensated for this post in any way, I just appreciate Warby Parker’s mission & style. 😉 )-CFC








Fall Collection

 Photo credits: Warby Parker 

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