Review of Insanity: Max30 (Week 2 Review)


So I’ve just completed Week 2 of Insanity Max: 30!! Check out my review after the jump for how the second week went for me and learn more about this program if you’re thinking about buying it! 

My Overall Review of Week 2 of Max30

Pros: By Week 2, you start to feel like you’re building a memory of each of the moves, which gives you the chance to focus on learning the moves themselves. Max30 includes a lot of compound movements (eg. movements that work more than one muscle group at a time) that can take a little while to learn. By the end of this week, I started to feel like I’d knew which moves were coming next, so I could begin to push to mastering them!

Cons: The moves are still pretty challenging this early in the program. I definitely Maxed out earlier than I’d hoped on Cardio Challenge and still needed to modify quite a bit to keep up with the workouts. For someone who has done Insanity and Asylum, I thought 30 minutes would be a piece of cake, but it’s still a challenge!!! I can’t wait to get even better in Week 3.

Max30 Moves that Challenge Me

Want to know what some of the toughest moves are for each Week 2 workout? Here were the moves that challenged me in Week 2:

Cardio Challenge Workout: In & Out Abs Alternating Shoulder Taps
Description: For this move, you’ve on the floor in a plank/push up position with your feet wide. As you hop your feet in you use your core to hold your body upright, careful not to let your butt get to high into the air. You also bring one hand to the opposite shoulder so that you’re balancing on one arm as your feet as drawn in.

The Challenge: This is a core and upper body exercise, which are my two weakest areas! Holding my body up using my core and my arm muscles is always a struggle, so doing that while also alternating tapping each shoulder really got me! I can’t wait to master this move. 😉

Tabata Power Workout: Burpee Lunges
Description: Jump out into a burpee. When you come back up, step out into a lunge.

The Challenge: Sounds pretty simple, right? Oh my goodness, this move killed me!!! And I love lower body work (leg exercises are my favorite as a runner!) but something about this compound movement really got me going!! Burpess in general are tough, but then coming back up and doing a lunge adds an edge. This move will definitely give you sculpted legs for sure!

Sweat Intervals Workout: Power Jump Push Ups
Description: If you’ve ever done Insanity, then you know what a Power Jump is. You start in a standing position with your knees slightly bent. Then you jump, pulling your knees under you and keeping your chest up (you shouldn’t be bent over). You’re essentially using your abs to pull your legs up for each jump. For this move you do one power jump and then come down to the floor and do a push up.

The Challenge: Um, do I need to say? I modify a lot on this move because your heart rate gets waaaay up on Power Jumps. This is a great move to kill your core and burn off that extra layer of fat around the mid-section, while also sculpting your arms with push up work.

Friday Fight: Round One: Ab Punches 
Description: Sit on the floor with your lower body tucked and knees up to activate your abs. Then punch your abs for one solid minute!

The Challenge:This move is hard but also made me feel like I was in a military-style bootcamp (which I loved!) Your abs are being worked the ENTIRE time so that’s rough and then you’re also punching your abs so all that extra fluff around the mid-section gets a beatdown. The move is also at the end of FF1, which is a tough workout in general. This is another move I can’t wait to master!

Here are my Max times compared to Week 1:




Monday: Cardio Challenge 7:15 4:12 😦
Tuesday: Tabata Power 9:49 10:21
Wednesday: Sweat Intervals 6:40 7:07
Thursday: Tabata Power 10:19 10:25
Friday Fight: Round One 5:51 6:25

Are you Maxing Out? What’s your experience been like? Are you interested in joining my Max Team? We started today (Jan 12th) but are still looking for teammates! Reply to this post with interest!

See you next week! 😉 -CFC


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