The Master’s Hammer & Chisel Review (Week 2)


Welcome to my Week 2 review! After this second week, I have officially done all of the H&C workouts (yes, there are that many different workouts in the set)! Check out my thoughts after the jump!

Here are my thoughts on Week 2!


  • Learning all of the Workouts. There are over ten different workouts in H&C, so it really does take two weeks to perform all of them. Not being familiar with the workouts can make it hard to get your pacing down, so I was pleased that I had finally seen them all. Now it will be about mastering them!
  • Less soreness. I’ve been dealing with some serious soreness in my hamstrings during the first week, which started to fade in week 2. I attribute this to some of the heavy-weight moves that I’ve been doing on the Hammer DVDs; specifically deadlifts, lunges & reverse lunges and squats. I’ve begun exploring supplements that I can take to help with my soreness and recovery though, since I plan to start increasing my weights in the following weeks.
  • Workouts without Equipment! Huzzah! I discovered that not all of the H&C workouts require that I go to the gym! This was perhaps the best little surprise of the workouts, two of them (Chisel Balance and Hammer Conditioning) did NOT require that I leave the comfort of my own home. I’ve definitely missed just rolling out of bed and working out, so I appreciated this change.


  • “Minor” Body Changes. At this stage everyone hits the workout blues. The novelty of a new workout program has worn off and all you’re left with is the routine and having to finish. The one thing that helps keep you motivated is seeing changes in your body. Well, here are my updated measurements vs Week 1:(Week 1 / Week 2):
    Weight: 135.4 / 133.0 (down 2.4lbs)
    Bust: 35 / 34 (down 1 inch)
    Right Arm: 11 / 11 (no change)
    Left Arm: 11 / 11 (no change)
    Waist: 30 / 29 (down 1 inch)
    Low Waist: 33.5 /32.5 (down 1 inch)
    Hips: 38 / 37 (down (1 inch)
    Right Thigh: 22.5 / 22.5 (no change)
    Left Thigh: 22.5 /23 (up .5 inches)

I know that I should be happy with these results after just two weeks (don’t kill me!), but I’ve definitely see greater changes in my weight and measurements from cardio-based programs, so I was a little disappointed. I also found that when I weighed myself or measured made a big difference; my weight jumped back up to my week 1 weight over the course of week 2.  I’m hoping to see more lasting changes after week 3!

  • Food Food Food! I decided NOT to prep my meals during the first two weeks of H&C. First, I was feeling a bit lazy 😉 and second, I really wanted to see if the program would still work if I just followed the eating plan, but ate out. This ultimately didn’t work for me because I struggled to remember what I ate, whether it was on plan and what my portions should be. Also, I’m finding that with weight training and very low cardio, I have less wiggle room with my diet but an increased appetite (the worst combination!) So I decided that for week 3, I will meal prep on Sunday and see if this improves my results. Stay tuned!
  • Start Up Costs. This is probably a highly specific/personal one. Because H&C requires me to use a gym (I don’t have a chin up bar and no door that I can attach bands to) I’ve been streaming Beachbody ON Demand to watch my workout videos. The issue with this is that there isn’t wifi in my gym, so I’ve had to use my own phone as a wifi hotspot to stream. This has gotten to be very expensive for me from a data usage perspective! I just purchased an external DVD drive (my MacBook doesn’t include a DVD drive) so that I can just use the DVDs in the gym, but I’m SUPER annoyed with the amount of money I’ve spent to stream the DVDs. This is probably my greatest gripe with H&C thus far, there’s a lot of “logistical stuff” you have to do to complete this workout, which if you’re not fully committed, could make it easier for you not to complete it. I definitely feel spoiled by all the Shaun-T workouts I’ve done where I just needed to slip on my sneakers and go. But I’m already 25% done with this program, so there’s no stopping me!!!

Stay tuned for my Week 3 review!







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