The Master’s Hammer & Chisel Review (Week 3)


I know I’m late, but my week 3 review is here! This week I started to see some MAJOR changes in my body- just goes to show that you have to be consistent to get results!! I also made a few changes to my approach to the program this week. Check out my thoughts after the jump!

So I want to start out this review with something I rarely say: I was wrong! I originally said that by the end of week 2 I’d seen all of the workouts, but in truth there is one workout (Total Body Chisel) which I didn’t see until the middle of Week 3. So I had to make that correction right off the bat!


Positive Corrections. When I think about it, Week 3 was actually a week of “corrections”. I sorted out all of my start up issues and I also started meal prepping because winging it with food just wasn’t working for me. I’ve found that the key to meal prepping is to find foods that you like and then keep it simple and yes, repetitive. Here’s what I ate over the course of Week 3:

-Hard-boiled eggs
-Black beans

-Strawberries & almonds

-Chicken breast (w/Jamaican jerk seasoning)
-Black beans

-Greek yogurt

-Chicken (w/Jamaican jerk seasoning)

(As a note, I stuck to this meal plan fairly closely on the weekend, but I did stray from it  when I went out with my husband for Valentine’s Day dinner 🙂 ).

Steady Progress. This week I started to see the first signs of steady progress on the program in terms of weight loss and inches. As I’ve mentioned in other reviews, I tend to see more weight loss up front when I’m doing a primarily cardio based program, but I was happy to see that my body was really showing a response in Week 3. Here are my stats:

Week 2 / Week 3
Weight: 133 / 131.2
Chest: 34 /34
Right Arm: 11 / 10.5
Left Arm: 11 / 10.5
Waist: 29 / 28 (wooo hoo! diet counts!)
Low waist: 32.5 / 32.5
Hips: 37 /37
Right Thigh: 22.5 / 22
Left Thigh: 23 / 22.5

A full INCH off of my waistline was a really exciting change! Definitely kept me motivated for week 4.


More Start Up “Costs”. So as I’ve currently been doing this program, I’ve been layering on the additional “requirements”- first I got all of the equipment, then learned the moves, then corrected my diet to follow the meal plan, etc. Well, there’s yet another thing to layer in with this program- tracking your weights. Yes, on top of everything else you need to do to successfully complete this program, you are expected to write down how much weight you’re using for each move and then steadily increase over time. Now normally this wouldn’t be difficult to do, but there are over 10 different workouts in H&C and each workout can have up to five rounds with multiple moves per round. Also, I’ve found that the trainers are not always consistent about building in time for you to track your weight during the workout, so I’m sometimes scrambling to track the weights or pausing the video to do so. This is just one more thing that can “get in the way” of staying committed to the program and finishing (but I’m too far gone now so you know I’m in it to win it!)

Well, that’s all for Week 3! Since I’m late with this one, you’ll be getting a double header this week with a Week 4 review! Stay tuned!! 😉














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